This Term’s Overview

An overview of this term’s learning: Beech Summer 2017

Year 6 Pond Dipping

This morning Mrs Taylor returned to take Year 6 for a morning in the wildlife garden to carry out a whole host of activities.

Counting louse                                                          How many snail did you say you counted?

Composing Music

Year 5/6 choose a wide variety of musical instruments to use when composing their own music.  There were some interesting compositions.

The Colour of Words

Beech class have combined colour and words to look at ideas for poetry and personification.


It’s up for debate!

Today we worked in two groups to formulate an opinion about the following topic; has the time come to ban cars from the centre of towns and cities? Using persuasive language we then held a debate, discussed and clarified our thinking in support or opposition about this topic.

Year 6’s Day Out

A fun filled day with a difference!  Year 6 had an Aeronautics day which included flying a flight simulator and sitting in a business jet all courtesy of the charity Aerobility and the Aeronautical Society.

Examining the Heart

This afternoon, Beech class looked at the function of the heart.  During the lesson, children had the option to examine a sheep’s hearts and study the valves.

Looking At The Landscape

This week we have begun our art project.  We have looked at the artist David Hockney and some of the work he has created.  The class took a stroll to the top of the hill and took some landscape photography.  From these photos we are going to use acrylic paint to create landscapes on canvases in the style of David Hockney.  Here are some of the art skills we have been trying out.

Which Way Are We Facing?

This week, Beech class took a walk up Church path to look at some of the landscape that covers Vernham Dean.  During our visit, we looked at eight compass points and made decisions about where key landmarks were in relation to our position.

Parliament Comes to Beech Class!

Parliament loan out a box to schools to introduce children to the work Parliament do.  The box creates memorable experiences by inspiring debate and deepening understanding of The House of Commons and The House of Lords.  Currently our Year 5/6 are using this box in their Health and Citizenship unit of work on ‘Who’s in Charge?’


The Speaker and Clerk.                                                        The Speaker in the House of Lords
One of the children thought it was Teresa May’s wig!

Example Timetable
Spring Learning Overview

We have been learning about Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s famous poem – ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’. This amazing poem highlights a tragic battle that took place during the Crimean War (1854-1886).


Welcome to 2017

This week we have been looking at non-chronological report writing. We have watched the amazing Planet Earth 2 – The Island episode ‘Racer snakes -v- Iguana’ for inspiration.

We had fun in art too!

Fred T

‘The charge of the light Brigade is a well known poem, written by Alfred Lord Tennyson in 1854. This poem is about the British army in the Crimean War. It was considered a brutal tragedy, as many men lost their lives fighting in a ‘suicidal battle’. ‘ By Fred Teague year 6

‘We learned about Imagery – where we form pictures about the poem in our minds. We also looked at different features like: personification, repetition of words and phrases, onomatopoeia and rhyming words.’ Harry Craig year 5.

We have been learning about a ‘Trio of Superhero Scientists!’

We completed a quiz on Mary Anning, Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace. Later we researched more about these incredible scientists and wrote some amazing biographies on them. Please click on biog2 below to see one. Happy reading!