Monday 20th January 2020.

Today is Martin Luther King Day. He gave a very famous speech; see if you can find the speech, why was it so important? Attached are a few question for you to think about and what is important to you.

My dreams for the future are…

If you are able to use Times tables rock stars please do , take time to check your weekend homework through and please try and read.

I look forward to seeing you when school is warmer!

A friendly visitor!

Yesterday afternoon we had a four-legged visitor from South East Donkeys. Chalkie came into the school and met all the children, this was great practice for him as he will soon be staring in panto. We found out a lot about donkeys and their welfare and hope to see Chalkie and his friends again soon.

Studying colour.

In Art we looked closely at a Van Gogh painting of a river. He discussed and worked the three main colour he had used and different tones of the same colour. We chose a section of the painting and each time we drew it we added a different colour to see the impact.

New Journeys.

We have had a busy first week back. Improving our fractions skills in Maths so they we are more confident when using them; in creative curriculum/science we have been finding out about the water cycle and making sure we use the correct vocabulary. In English our learning journey has started and at the moment are not sure where it is taking us – only that it started with a mysterious parcel…..

Happy New Year!

I hope you have all had a very happy Christmas and I would like to use this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year. As always Beech Class have a busy half term coming up and here is an overview of what we will discovering and learning together.

rivers overview

Election fever!

Last week in Beech Class we learnt all about the election process. We divided ourselves into 4 parties and after much discussion chose 12 policies for our party, we then had to narrow them down to just 3 to create our Manifesto. We spoke in Worship to the whole school and canvassed for votes. On Thursday 12th December like all the adults in the country we went to the polling station and voted, the votes were then counted and announced by the returning officer. We know feel we have a real understanding of the process and empathised with adults about the difficult decision.

Victorian Day

On Wednesday Beech Class and Willow Class had Victorian Day. We all dressed the part and in the morning in Beech Class we learnt Victorian clothing and what life would have been like in the classroom – Mrs Bulpitt found it difficult not to smile! In the afternoon we were joined by Willow and discovered what a Victorian Christmas would have been like. We all enjoyed the day and learnt a great deal.

Enterprise week.

This week we have started to plan for the Christmas Fayre , we are planning stalls and games and have started to prepare items to sell.

Tree planting.

On Friday the whole school went to Harmony woods to plant trees and identify wild flowers and some of us even planted a Commonwealth tree. Here are some pictures of us and our YR Buddies who we helped throughout the day.

Being reflective

On Thursday we talked about loss and grief and how to help each other in times of difficulty. We made thought boxes with emotions that we might need to use on difficult days.

Super Scientists!

Beech Class really enjoyed their trip to The Winchester Science Centre. We attended an amazing show at the Planetarium and discovered a lot about constellations, the milky way and other planets too. After a trip to the school to get the essential school trip souvenir we took part in a workshop. We were there to learn about NASA’s new telescope and through an experiment confirm what material we thought was best – it turns out gold as it reflects heat the best. In the afternoon we had time to visit Space Explorer where there was a lot to explore and learn – Beech Class would recommend a visit.

Children in Need

Today we came to school spotty or being a bear to raise funds for Children in Need. We also held a bring and buy sale. Thank you to everyone who donated.

Finding Evidence

This week in Guided Reading we have been learning the skill of finding evidence in a text and have been looking at Oliver Twist as we are also learning about The Victorians in History.

Careers Week.

Yesterday afternoon , Beech Class were lucky enough to have a visit from artist Kelly Jenkins who has successfully exhibited and sell her work widely across the UK and Europe and has received several awards for her work. It was fascinating to hear about the process of her work as well as life as an artist and to see some of her work. Thank you Kelly for coming to see us and we hope to see you again soon.

Careers Week .

This morning we have Vanessa Cleary and Michael Cape, Vanessa owns Salon 73 in Andover. She spoke to the children about running a business and  both she and Michael told us all about the different aspects of hairdressing and demonstrated some skills. I am so grateful for their time; the children asked great questions and were completely absorbed and have certainly seen hairdressing in a different light. So thank you to both of them very much.

Careers Week.

This week is careers week in school. Today Beech Class were very lucky to have a visit from Mr Harris who is a pilot. We learnt all about different types of planes, how to become a pilot, how planes are looked after and all the different aspects that go into making flying so safe for passengers. The children were really inspired by Mr Harris’ career, we all learnt such a lot children and adults too! Thank you for giving up some of your time when you’re not flying around the World for coming to talk to us Mr Harris.

Next half term.

We have a busy half term coming up with lots to learn and  investigate. We have some visitors lined up for careers week, a class trip and a Victorian and lots.lots more! Here is an overview of what we will be learning.

Overview Autumn 2

Happy Half- term!

I would like to say well done to all the children who have settled into the new academic year so well, have worked so hard and deserved a well earned break. However please remember to keep reading! Mrs Bulpitt

Reading Workshop

Last week we held a reading workshop so that parents could come along and see all the different type of reading activities we take part in. thank you to the parents who were able to attend.

Victorian Games

In English we looked at Victorian games so we could follow instructions and make up our own. We evaluated the instructions to make ours easier to follow.

Young Minds

Yesterday as a school we all wore yellow to raise awareness of and money for Young Minds on World Mental Health day. We talked in class about the importance of talking about worries not bottling things up and thought about how we are all super heroes in our own way.


New skills in Maths

In maths this week we have been finding out about 2D shapes and Y6 have been studying circles in particular and learning to use a compass.

Test Valley

We were lucky enough to spend time with the Test Valley recycling team who talked about the importance of reduce, reuse and recycle. As well as local issues we looked at environmental issues worldwide. We write poems for the team and they were so impressed that the class all got prizes . Well done to Charley our over all winner.

Well done to our Rugby team.

On Wednesday evening I took our class team to take part in the Saxon league at Hurstbourne. We played 3 matches and won 2 and were only narrowly beaten by one try in our first match. I was very proud of how well they worked as team and encouraged each other; thank you also to the parents who helped with transport and were able to watch and support us.

Bishop of Basingstoke.

Our school were very privileged to receive a visit from the Bishop of Basingstoke. He visited all four classes and when he visited our class we had lots of interesting questions for him , including asking him about his role, how he became a Bishop and the increase in the amount of women Bishops.

 Rugby Coaching

We are so pleased to welcome Mr Filbey back to the school this week. We had our first coaching session with him and were able to enhance our skills perfect timing for our matches that evening!

Challenging our fears.

More photos of us being brave. See you all tomorrow!

Having a fantastic time.

We have taken part in a wide variety of activities and really pushed ourselves and shown real courage.


More adventures.

Little Canada

Beech Class have arrived on the island and all settled in . We had a good ferry crossing and have already taken part in a great mixture of activities including Giant Swing, sensory trail, problem solving and trapeze.

Another busy week in Beech Class.

This week in English we have been learning about instruction , what better way to learn than to try some to see if they work and identify what made them work well. Here we are following instructions to make aeroplanes and trying them out.

Today the school nurses came to talk to Y6 about staying fit and healthy . Please get lots of rest this weekend as many of Beech Class have a busy week ahead at PGL on the Isle of Wight, so homework is lots of reading and lots of rest . Have a good and safe weekend everyone.

Kit Malthouse MP visits Beech Class.

Beech Class had a visit from Mr Malthouse this afternoon , he talked to the children about his role as a local MP and also his new role of looking after the Police and Fire Service. The children had prepared questions and asked him about his role, Boris Johnson, Brexit, their future and Larry the 10 Downing Street cat!

I was so proud with the questions the children came up with and how they listened and responded to Mr Malthouse. We hope to see him back again at the school and told he is welcome to bring the Prime Minister too!

We love our new laptops!

We really have enjoyed using our new laptops, they really have made a difference; here are some of us using them in Science to learn more about that some people don’t believe the Earth is spherical.

 Thinking about our planet.

Beech Class continue to be concerned about Deforestation and the fires in Brazil , so through  WWF we have adopted an orangutan; here is our certificate and mascot who is waiting for a name.

What a busy first day!

Beech Class have had a fantastic first day back and are already working well as a team. Today we found out more about Mrs Bulpitt and each other. Mrs Bulpitt bought in a covered shoe box and in it contained some objects that have significance to her, in turn the children took them out and asked questions to learn more about them and her.

The children then decided what would go in their shoe box and why.

Then, this afternoon  in groups we had to design and make a way of ensuring that when an egg is dropped from a height it didn’t crack. We worked really well as teams, came up with some brilliant designs and all of the eggs survived!




I hope you have all had a happy and healthy summer and I look forward to seeing you all when you return on Thursday 5th September 2019.

Beech Class as always have a busy half term coming up and I have attached an overview of what we are discovering. Mrs Chamberlain will continue to deliver Health & Citizenship and Spanish. We are also expecting a visit from Kit Malthouse our local MP and the new Minister for Crime, Policing and the Fire Service.

Overview Autumn 1

How can we find out?

In Science we have been learning about our bodies and wanted to prove that the more exercise the higher the heart rate, so we planned investigations to carry out, to see if it’s true.

Community Games

Yesterday Y5 joined the village games club in the village hall to play draughts and other games and are looking to learning new games with them in the Autumn.


The Great British Beech Bake Off!

On Friday Beech Class were lucky enough to go up to the village hall and take part in their own Bake off, complete with 2 judges, a technical challenge and a hall fit for the show itself. The children  were in pairs ( one Y5 one Y6) and knew nothing about what they were baking until they got there. The children worked so hard to achieve the best bake they could.

When the baking was complete during which they were questioned by Mrs Bulpitt and Mr Hale our guest judge the raspberry buns were laid out to be judged !

Then the judging took place, the judges didn’t know whose was whose and comments were made on all bakes!

The final 3 were announced and here are some pictures of our winners in action!

We are so grateful to Mrs Carol Ward , her team and John Hale who all gave up there morning to prepare everything and make it such a memorable event, we realise how lucky we are to have taken part in such a great event were the children displayed courage and creativity and great team work! we’re looking forward to next year already!

Between the Barrows.

On Monday Beech Class went up to Harmony Woods to take part in a dig through Andover Trees United, we learnt all about being an archaeologists and helped the team look for ‘finds’.

We also learnt about naturals dyes and many years ago they were used to change the colour of cloth.

We’ve finished!

Y6 Leavers Service Winchester.

Y6 had a fantastic day at the cathedral yesterday.

There were 600 children there taking part in workshops in the morning and a service in the afternoon. Our first workshop was a virtual reality run by Kew Gardens looking at life as a bee.

Our second activity was to follow a trail around the cathedral and find the answers to clues.

We found Jane Austen’s grave and lit some candles in memory of lost loved ones.

On our travels around the cathedral we found our art work placed in a prominent position.

Our flag bearers and collecting our school candle.

To be or not to be.

Beech Class have been learning about Shakespeare and his plays, this week we have been learning about Hamlet, discussing how Shakespeare was raising mental health even then. Today we performed part of a play based on Hamlet.

Queen Bee.

The children have produced a beautiful collaborative work of art with Mrs Venn focusing on protecting bees. This will be displayed in Winchester Cathedral as part of The Leavers Service next week.

Planting pots.

The children have been planting planters as part of their Health & Citizenship and Science; they will look after the pots for the rest of the term and  they will then be available to purchase at The Summer Fair.

Mixing Maths and Science.

This week we have been using our measuring body measurements and using our division , ratio and graph skills to produce information and look for patterns.

How creative was Jesus?

This afternoon in Class Worship we talked about the different roles of Jesus and the different ways he is seen. The children came up with all of these ideas themselves and we had a very mature conversation about Jesus as a person.

Who will be next?

Yesterday afternoon as part of our EU topic the role of the Prime Minister as over half term Theresa May announced her resignation so we are waiting to find out who will lead us through the next part of our Brexit Journey. We are now researching Prime Ministers since 1937 – there have been quite a few!


Can you guess?

This morning we discovered through clues our new Learning Journey in English, can you guess who or what it is?

Busy half term.

Beech Class have a busy half term ahead of them. We have lots of learning and enquiring ahead of us, a play to prepare for, sports events and a Bake off!  See attached an overview for this half term.

Overview Summer 2 2019

Lion of Courage.

This week Y6 were awarded the school lion of courage for dealing with SATS so well last week. The lion has kept us company all week and helped us not give up even when faced with tricky fractions!

Making a difference.

This week is Healthy School week here at school. We have been talking about how to keep our minds healthy as well as our bodies and the importance of mental well being. On Monday we had a visit from Rupert Bazeley-White who is the Operations Manager of HC3S the company who provide our lunch. We had prepared presentations on different aspects of sustainability; he was really interested and is going to feed our suggestions back, but it was fantastic to hear as a company how much they are already doing.


Hooray we’ve finished!

This morning Year 6 finished their SATs! I am so proud of how maturely they have dealt with the week and the run up to it and that whatever the results they can all say they gave it their best . Well done Y6.

Proud teacher.

Year 6 have had such a positive and hard working attitude towards their SATs , I wish them well next week  and to have a calm and relaxing weekend before Monday.


How many?

In Science we are discovering and learning about the human body. We started to look at hands and feet and tried to work out how many bones there were in each, we then found out how close our estimations were by looking at X-rays.

Did you know?

Beech class have started to learn about the EU. Do you know how many countries there are presently in the EU and could you name the, we now know how many there are and have learnt the names of some new countries.

Air Ambulance.

Yesterday we had a visit from Jo who works for The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance. She told all about the importance of what they do and all the different roles involved, we got to take  on different roles in an emergency situation  and ask lots of questions.

What do the clues lead to?

We’ve been hard at work this morning and in English we started to piece together clues to discover our new class text…

Welcome back!

I hope you all had a restful and happy holidays and I have already heard of lots of adventures this morning. This term is always a busy one especially in Y5/6 please see attached an overview of what will be learning and exploring this half term.

Overview Summer 1

Happy Easter.

Wishing you all a happy and restful Easter in preparation for a busy Summer Term. here are a collection of our Easter cards we made using oil pastels.

Celebrating talent.

Here are some members of Beech Class being part of the end of term Clubs showcase celebrating the Arts.

Andover Trees United.

Here we are planting wild meadow flower seeds which we will look after for a few months and then will be taken to Harmony Woods.

Lovely day in Lyme Regis.

Beech Class had an amazing day in Lyme Regis! Once we arrived at the museum, built on the site of where Mary Anning lived, we went up to the Education room with Chris our guide.

We learnt a great deal about fossils and shared our knowledge too. Beech Class next went to the gallery where they were many interesting fossils and artefacts to look at.


Lunch was eaten looking out sea and we walked up the hill to the Churchyard to pay our respects to Mary.

We spent the rest of the day hunting for fossils and with the help of Chris we found lots. Beech Class had a truly memorable day and all want to plan another visit .

Meeting Willow’s chicks.

This afternoon Beech Class spend some time with the chicks and were amazed how much they have grown and changed in a week.

Keen gardeners.

This afternoon we constructed the greenhouse outside our classroom and have sowed some herbs, which we hope will grow and we can sell to raise funds for the school, so far we have planted mint, basil, purple basil and chillies.

Weather station installed.

Wildlife Manifesto.

Beech Class have completed their Manifesto.

  • To encourage more wildlife into our grounds eg by using bird feeders and bee drinkers etc.
  • To protect and promote our pond area.
  • Each Class or House to build a hedgehog home.
  • To encourage seasonal fruit and vegetable as snacks.
  • To promote a varied diet and to ensure the diet is locally sourced.
  • To encourage products with no Palm Oil or sustainable Palm Oil.

This afternoon we invited Mrs Hawkings into Class to discuss how to move our Manifesto on.

Red Nose Day!

Today we raised money for Comic Relief by wearing all the colours of the rainbow, selling noses and having a cake sale.

Wildlife Manifesto.

This afternoon we looked at Chris Packham’s Wildlife Manifesto and thought how we could make our own, after an fantastic afternoon of debating and discussing we came up with one of our own which we will share with Mrs Hawkings.

Class Mascot.

Meet Satsuma our new class mascot. He sits in the classroom and is a constant reminder about deforestation and the many implications for the people and animals that live in those areas.

Afternoon of experiments.

Here we are carrying out our experiments on Monday as start of British Science week.

British Science Week.

We are celebrating British Science and investigating the World around us. Mrs Bulpitt saw Chris Packham give a talk at the weekend and has brought his biography back for the school library signed by the man himself!

Visiting local author.

We were very fortunate to have  local author Barbara Townsend visit us today. She told us all about how she writes and what inspires her. Thank you Barbara.

World Book Day!

The whole school have been celebrating World Book Day and Beech Class had the theme of David Walliams.


Egyptian Masks.

In Beech Class as part of our Ancient Egypt creative curriculum we have been learning about Tutankhamun and are now using his death mask to create our own versions.

Entries submitted.

Beech Class have now submitted their entries for Radio 2’s 500 words Competition. Mrs Bulpitt will let us all know if she hears anything else!

Blue Peter badge.

After learning about deforestation in class and writing to Michael Gove about this important global issue Finley wrote to Blue Peter to tell them about his concerns. He has now received a green badge in recognition  ‘Green Badges are awarded for sending in letters, pictures and makes that are about the environment, conservation or nature.’

Well done Finley!

Egyptian artefacts.

Mrs Hawkings brought in some artefacts for us from Egypt which we studied. We discussed what we can learn about the past and a place  from an object.

The significance of an object.

This morning all of Beech Class were given a silver angel by Mrs Bulpitt to keep. We thought about what angels mean to us and how they can make people feel. We then started our new text in English to see how the angel is introduced into the story. Watch this space for more about Gravenhunger and the secrets it holds…..

Always working hard.

Here is a poem written by one of our Y6s  as the work that was set on the  snow day earlier in the month.

‘I’m the white blanket’

I fall so quietly to the ground,

I settle there without a sound.

Like a blanket I cover your grass so lush,

Make a man out of me, there’s no rush!

Hidden within me is an angel so pure,

You bring her out of me, that’s for sure.

When you step on me, I grind my teeth,

The sound comes from way beneath.

I’ve had such a fantastic day,

Now it’s time for me to melt away!

Spring 2 overview.

After a busy first half of the term, we have another busy half coming up.

Spring 2

Hard at work in English.

Beech Class are busy researching and writing biographies on a wide range of people including Alexander the Great, Charles Darwin, Emmeline Pankhurst, Elizabeth Blackwell, Walt Disney, Winston Churchill and Amelia Earhart amongst others. The children have been inspired by a wide variety of people and we hope to display these biographies so you can learn about them too.

Creating works of Art.

This afternoon we had our Willow Buddies visit us. We looked at a famous painting of sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh and worked together to create our own in two halves.

500 words.


Beech Class will be entering the Radio 2  ‘500 words’ competition for story writers. As many of you may know this is a national annual competition run for children up to the age of 13 and this year the final will be taking place at Windsor Castle. Today we started planning and over the next coming weeks will be working on our stories to make sure they are finished and submitted by March 8th.

Internet safety.

This week, we have been discussing  internet safety. We have looked at different scenarios and what we would do in that situation.  We have learnt ‘zip it, block and flag it’ to remember about anything that concerns us. Stop and think is it  True    Helpful   Inspiring    Necessary    Kind.

Snow Day.

How would you describe the snow? Think about the way it falls, it looks, feels and how it makes you feel. Write a poem or a piece of descriptive writing about the snow.  Remember to use similes, metaphors and see if you can use personification.

Maths work  – y5


Who was Alfred Wallace? Why is he important and how does he link to our learning?

Lastly, if it is safe for you to do so and you have supervision enjoy the snow. Stay warm and safe.

Mrs Bulpitt.

A find in the grounds, what could it mean?

Beech Class went exploring in the grounds to see if they could find something , but weren’t sure exactly what they were looking for, after some clues we did find an object hidden…..

The fossil links to our Science but also in English we have started to learn about biographies and are learning all about the amazing scientist Mary Anning and her contribution to the science – what an inspiration she was.

A Difficult choice.

In English we are looking at the book ‘Coming to England’ by Floella Benjamin , we have been discussing her move from Trinidad and used drama to help explore her feelings.

Inspired artists.

Beech Class are learning about The River Nile and have produced beautiful images using pencils , we hope to produce another version using water colours:

What could it mean? 

We were given sand , but what could it mean? How does it relate to our learning?

2019 – Let the challenge begin!

Beech Class are already hard at work this term, we have already had a visit from Mr Peebles from Harrow Way School who has been looking at computers with us  and we are learning about what makes a computer.

Christmas Lunch.

This morning we made Christmas hats in the style of The Highwayman for the Governors Christmas lunch. The lunch was delicious and we all had a lovely time together as a school.

Writing for a purpose.

After writing to Michael Gove we were pleased to receive a reply from his office telling the children how important deforestation is and explaining the money the Government is spending to try and help tackle this issue. The letter also says how important it is for young people to show such care and concern.

Beech Class are continuing their learning journey of The Highwayman and are now being buddy journalists reporting on the case and this week through drama have interviewed each other in character including Mrs Bulpitt!

Three girls in our class have heard back from Michael Morpurgo , they wrote to him in October, he sent them each a signed sticker to put in the front of one of their reading books and  a letter telling them his reasons for writing and future plans; we’ll just have to wait to see if we hear back from Michael Gove!

Order in Court!

In English we are looking at the  poem ‘The Highwayman’ and this week we have been considering if he was a hero or villain ! We wrote speeches to deliver in court in front of a jury and Judge before a decision was made. We ran two court hearings, the first round was ‘guilty’ and the second was ‘not guilty’ so we had some very convincing barristers in the Court!

Beech Class have been producing some beautiful images inspired by the Rainforest this week using coloured pencils and felt tips to add impact:


All ready as Superheroes  for JDRF World diabetes day!

Poems to be published!

I received a letter from ‘Young Writers’  telling me the exciting news that all of the children in Beech Class have had their poems chosen  to be published in “Poetry Wonderland – Hampshire” at the end of January. The letter makes it very clear that not all children have their poems chosen and some children will receive feedback and ideas for next time. The children worked hard to produce these brilliant poems that are still in the library, I am very proud of them and they should be very proud of themselves.

Last week Beech took part in a workshop with the NSPCC and discussed the importance of keeping safe and feeling safe.

Beech Class, have finished their clay poppies and are really pleased with the results. These will be displayed in the village hall along with poppies from the other classes.

We have had a great start to half term, the children have started to look at persuasive text and have already had some interesting debates! In maths we are learning about the connection between division and fractions.

Next week we will be thinking about the importance of Poppy Day and the significance of this year. We would like to create a class display, so was hoping the children might be able to bring in a copy of a photograph of a family member who served, please make sure this is a copy as I appreciate how valuable and precious these family photos are.


Beech Class had a fantastic week away, there were fears conquered, challenges met and team work being shown. Thank to Mrs Chamberlain and Mr Nicoll for giving up their time to accompany us to Osmington Bay.

12/10/18- 8.40am- Abseiling cancelled. On to the next adventure!

 12/10/18- 8.07am- We are all up, had breakfast and just finishing packing. Should be abseiling this morning. Fingers crossed for the weather!

11/10/18- 4.50pm- This evening after dinner we will be showing our best dance moves at the disco. Then we will start packing ready to see you all tomorrow!


We have been fencing this afternoon


 11/10/18- 12.17pm After a bit of a disappointing start We have shown our team spirit spending the morning problem solving and buggy building (like raft building but in a field) Just off to lunch now and then this afternoon we are fencing and going on the trapeze (if it’s not too windy)

11/10/18- Sadly raft building was cancelled due to the windy conditions in Weymouth. We wonder what adventures we will get up to instead?………………………………….

11/10/18- 7.30am-All up and dressed. Off to the Olympic village in Weymouth today for raft building. Back at lunchtime.

10/10/18- 7.13pm- We have had a great afternoon, we are all fed and having a camp fire this evening.

Look at us dare devils!!!!!!!!- We are using our resilient, risk-taking skills here! (and having the greatest fun!)


10.10.18- 11.28 am- We have had a lovely sunny morning and all taken part in Archery and had a go on the zip wire. After lunch we will be going on a beach walk exploring the local coast and a survivor expedition- Learning all about what it is like to live in the wild.

10.10.18- We are up, dressed and just off to breakfast. Archery and the zip wire this morning.


12.14pm- Finished morning sessions and just off to lunch. Tunnel trail and giant swing here we come this afternoon.

Sensory walk- team work needed here!

 9/10/18- First full day at Osmington Bay. All children are up, dressed and fed.  Off this morning for Sensory trail and climbing- Photos to follow!

The children have just arrived at Osmington Bay and are unpacking 2.40pm 8/10/18

We have arrived safe and sound to Lulworth Cove.

Next stop Osmington Bay!

The poems that were inspired by Kensuke’s Kingdom are now displayed in the library for you all to see.

Storm poem

Residential meeting.

This is a reminder that there will be a meeting on Tuesday 2nd October at 3:30pm in Beech Class. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions as well as see where we are going and find out what an exciting week we have lined up!

Macmillan coffee afternoon.

The children are organising a coffee afternoon supported by the PTA in aid of Macmillan Cancer support, a cause very close to many people’s hearts.  Cake, tea and coffee will be available in return for donations in Beech Classroom at 2:30pm until 3pm  and then again at 3.30pm after Celebration worship, on Friday 28th September. Please can children bring cakes in on Friday morning.

We look forward to seeing you all then!

Start to the term

Beech Class have already had a busy start to the term and are working together as a team and supporting each other both in and outside the classroom. This week the children have produced some truly amazing poetry inspired by our Learning Journey in English, we have been studying the book ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo and looking at the different techniques he uses to bring the story to life; the children have used some of these techniques in their poems that will be displayed in the library shortly. Year 5 have already been out and about and this week and visited Harrow Way School for a programming session and have another two lined up, the children really enjoyed it, behaved impeccably and were a real credit to you all. Beech Class have been investigating Fairtrade, this links to our Creative Curriculum ‘Investigating our World’ and of course Harvest.