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Recycling Stars

Today we had some visitors from Test Valley Borough Council who came to tell us about recycling.  We looked at how materials can be reused, even old chewing gum!  We also helped to sort some rubbish on a conveyor belt and found out about how rubbish is polluting our land and seas.  They gave us all lots of goodies to help remind us how to do our bit and recycle more.

Does it take less force to mould Plasticine when it is warmer ?

We decided to investigate this question by warming the Plasticine in our hands.   We enjoyed using the datalogger to help us record the temperature of our piece of Plasticine every 3 minutes.  We had planned to stretch and bend the Plasticine to test it but soon discovered it was too cold for that. So we adapted our test to see at which temperature it could be rolled into a ball.  The smaller bits were much quicker and bizarrely didn’t need to be as warm as the larger pieces to mould a ball.







Michael Rosen Book Review

This is our working wall showing how we found out about the author and learned the skills needed to write a good review.

We loved hearing him read his own stories, especially Going on a Bear Hunt and his new Chocolate Cake book.


Exploring Vernham Dean using Google Earth

We have been zooming in from space to find and walk around Vernham Dean.  We have been locating places in the village using the four compass points.


An Arty Afternoon

While a lot of our class were performing at the O2 we spent the afternoon exploring different art techniques to design our own season cycle.



Remembering – Passover

We shared a Passover Meal and tried some Charoset, and Matzah bread.  We washed it down with some grape juice (the non-fermented variety).




We have been learning about height and length.

Who is the tallest and shortest?

Which of our towers is the tallest?

The taller the  tree the wider the trunk – true or false?

False – the Oak tree was the shortest but it was wider than the Ash tree.

The best way to measure the height of a tree: Looking for the top between your legs and using a trundle wheel to count the metres.  Imogen and Margo bravely stepped up to measure the Silver Birch trunk.

curriculum overview letter for Spring 2018

It was a bit chilly this morning but we still enjoyed working outside.

Thank you very much to the PTA for our amazing Bee Bots!  As you can see we are enjoying learning how to program them.  🙂


We went looking for push and pull forces.


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

This week we followed the bear prints around the school and wrote our directions.  We found Bob Bear in the library.  Mrs Black made a brilliant Bear Hunt role play tray for our class to enjoy.  We have also been learning to use compasses and find North, South, East and West.

We earned a marble party!

We filled our marble jar!  We enjoyed our pass the parcel and decorating cakes.

Balloon Pop Contractions

Learning where to put an apostrophe in a contraction.  We put the apostrophe where the letter pops out.

Some brave children held the balloons for our demonstration:

Before – he is                      The i literally pops out- he’s

Before – they are              The a literally pops out- they’re

We had a great time today watching a Punch and Judy show, just like they did when children visited the seaside in the Victorian times.


We have started to work on shape this week and have been sorting shapes, making shape pictures and have been on a shape hunt in Y1. 

In Y2 we have been making regular and irregular shapes and starting to spot the lines of symmetry.

We all enjoyed apple pressing on Friday.  Lots of sticky fingers and fresh tasty juice to try.


  • Please be advised that our second PE session has now moved to Monday afternoon.

Internet Safety

We have been learning about how people might not be who they seem online so we never offer our personal details.  To role play this we made some masks to pretend to be someone else. We have had a very busy week this week with Science Day on Wednesday and The Fire Brigade in on Friday.

Science Day – Which is the best chocolate to make chocolate chip cookies from?

We decided on three tests to check how fast the chocolate would melt:

  1. Mouth test- how long did each take to melt? ( no chewing or turning!)
  2. Melt test
  3. Make test




We found out that Dairy Milk was the best at staying chunky and we could even read a C after our cookies had cooled.



We started our new English unit this week – The Gingerbread Man

So of course we needed to make our own first!  Mrs Ward came to help us out too.

Then we started to retell the story with some little puppets, ready to write next week.


Number bonds

We have been using the bar model to share out amounts to find all the possible number bonds.

We also made our own number bonds to ten rainbow.  Try doing it with other numbers too!




Welcome to a new school year and to our three new pupils; Tara, Elizabeth and Emmanuel!

We have been starting to make use of our new outside learning area. 

We have already been out for a Welly Walk to develop our descriptive writing.

We found a ‘cluttered’ oak tree, a’delicate’ spiderweb and very stingy nettle!

Luckily the rain held off just long enough for us to get back to school.


Curriculum overview letter for Autumn 2017 

Maple Class weekly timetable Autumn 2017


 Curriculum overview letter for Summer 2017

Thank you to all our lovely parents who made cakes and made donations for our cake sale in aid of our school guinea pigs.  We raised all but £97!

  Chalk Suffixes!  A fun way to learn our est, er, ing, ed, ful, ly and s/es words.

We have been finding out about the sorts of habitats different animals like to live in.  We went on a woodlice hunt and then designed some different habitats of our own to see which one they preferred.

We all had a great day dressing up and making this fabulous book cover on our classroom door.

 Curriculum overview for Spring 2017

Welcome to 2017!

We have been really busy already this term, finding out about Julia Donaldson and her books.

This last week we were shocked to find a planning application (wink wink) for new housing at our favourite area by the fairy tunnel above the school.  We have decided to send some letters to the developers and planners to tell them why it should not go ahead.  Some very heated views! 😉

We found some very healthy lichen too which proves how clean the air around Vernham must be, plus lots of signs of animal life.

We also discovered why it might not be a good idea to leave Maple and Willow outside at the moment – guinea pig ice pops .


Tristan has made a fab label for our school: 

As many of you will have noticed Mrs Venn has now joined Mrs Ryder and myself in Maple.  Always good to have another pair of hands – so a big welcome back!

Please feel free to catch me after school or book an appointment if you have any queries or concerns.

Kind regards

Clare Price

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