Welcome to Maple Class’ Page 


Apologies here is the link to Year 2s maths homework this week 31.1.19. Sorry it wasn’t attached to the letter sent out.Reading Scales worksheet homework Year 2 31.1.19

A warm welcome to Maple’s Class page.

Here are a few key pieces of information about our class:

  1. We have PE on a Tuesday and Thursday.
  2. We change our books on a Monday and Thursday when we read with Miss Neale and Mrs Venn.
  3. We have homework set on a Wednesday, ready for our quiz on a Tuesday.

Wednesday 16th January

Goodness me what an amazing day we had on Monday!

The children arrived at school with their suitcases ready for a mystery trip to a different country. They came in and made their boarding passes and passports before going into the hall which had been transformed into an aeroplane!

We all boarded the plane, listened to the safety announcements then enjoyed snacks and in-flight entertainment. Mrs Harris who is cabin crew for Virgin  was kind enough to come into school all dressed for work to enhance our experience.

After lunch we experienced lots of activities in class to do with India, from drawing our own Mendi patterns on blank hands to colouring Rangoli patterns.

However our favourite by far was the food tasting!

We tried lots of different Indian foods discussing the smell, texture and taste.

Some of which were rather spicy!

We can’t wait to continue our Indian Topic!


Please see this half term’s Curriculum map below;

Spring 1 map



 Tuesday 12th February

This week we have been working hard to finish up our mini projects within our India topic.

We are all so excited to share with our families our zoo enclosures for native Indian animals, showcase our fantastic tiger paintings and most of all make and taste our dips. Some of which have rather odd combinations including garlic and peach………we shall let you know what it tastes like!

We have had a great time learning how to design and write travel blogs about our trip to India, even though it was rather tricky learning how to find different files within the computer system.

A highlight of our past week was when Miss Neale gave the whole class the achievers award and the behaviour and values award.

The reason for these special group awards:


Year 2 for their amazing maths work involving number problems. It has been difficult to learn how to unpick these wordy problems.

Year 1 for their wonderful independent writing using all the skills we have learnt this half term to write their own version of the ‘Journey’ story.


Behaviours and Values was awarded to the whole class because over the past half term the children have worked incredibly hard to improve their attitude to learning, their independence skills and working together to create that rich positive environment for learning within our class.

Miss Neale and Mrs Venn are so proud of each and every one of them!


Please note: Children’s homework shall now be sent home in a small yellow book. Please ensure this book is handed in on a Tuesday ready for the quiz and go back home on a Wednesday with new homework.

The children will do their spelling quiz at the back of this book so you can see at home which words they found extra tricky.


Our India outcome afternoon

Here are a few photos from our wonderful outcome afternoon where we showcased all our hard work from this half term based around the country of India. The children were so proud to show off all their learning and creations, especially keen to share their delicious dips which the children designed and made.

It was wonderful for so many families to be able to join us for this showcase and encourages the children to take great pride in their achievements.  Thank you!