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  Curriculum overview letter for Summer 2017

Thank you to all our lovely parents who made cakes and made donations for our cake sale in aid of our school guinea pigs.  We raised all but £97!

  Chalk Suffixes!  A fun way to learn our est, er, ing, ed, ful, ly and s/es words.

We have been finding out about the sorts of habitats different animals like to live in.  We went on a woodlice hunt and then designed some different habitats of our own to see which one they preferred.

We all had a great day dressing up and making this fabulous book cover on our classroom door.

 Curriculum overview for Spring 2017

Welcome to 2017!

We have been really busy already this term, finding out about Julia Donaldson and her books.

This last week we were shocked to find a planning application (wink wink) for new housing at our favourite area by the fairy tunnel above the school.  We have decided to send some letters to the developers and planners to tell them why it should not go ahead.  Some very heated views! 😉

We found some very healthy lichen too which proves how clean the air around Vernham must be, plus lots of signs of animal life.

We also discovered why it might not be a good idea to leave Maple and Willow outside at the moment – guinea pig ice pops .


Tristan has made a fab label for our school: 

As many of you will have noticed Mrs Venn has now joined Mrs Ryder and myself in Maple.  Always good to have another pair of hands – so a big welcome back!

Please feel free to catch me after school or book an appointment if you have any queries or concerns.

Kind regards

Clare Price

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