Welcome to Maple Class’ Page 

Monday 20th January 2020


As the school is shut today due to a broken heating system here are some home leaning tasks for you to complete.

English and Maths: Please ensure your homework is complete 

Year 1 Phonics: Practise your phase 5 flash cards

Year 2 GPS: Practise your common exception words using quick write. Give yourself 1 minute to write each word as many times as you can.

Topic: Find out about the people who traveled on board the Titanic, see what you can find out about Molly Brown, Benjamin Guggenheim, Lawrence Beesley and Eva Hart.

Wrap up warm and see you (hopefully) tomorrow!

Friday 17th January 2020

What another busy week we’ve had!

In Maths our brains have been frazzled by problem solving using a mixture of methods including drawing pictures, partitioning and bridging.

In English we have been looking closely at how newspapers are written, thinking of our own headlines to go with different images.

This week in PE we were lucky enough to get out whilst the rain stopped to start our football training, though we did get a bit muddy!


Friday 10th January 2020

What an exciting start back to school Maple class have had! On Tuesday morning they were transported back to 1912 on board the Titanic. The children were given their tickets for board the ship and throughout the day experienced what life may have been like for passengers from first class all the way down to third class and the stewards.

To finish the day we held a P4C circle where the children discussed a variety of passengers trying to agree whether they should have a place on one of the few lifeboats or not! They children thought carefully about this and in the end agreed on a select few to be given a place.

Third class passengers who ‘enjoyed’ a plain rich tea biscuit and water.

Second Class passengers who enjoyed a chocolate digestive and squash.

Chamber maids, Stewards and a man from the boiler room who worked tirelessly all day!

Our prestigious First Class Passengers who enjoyed Champagne (lemonade!) and a French Fancy served on a silver tray.

A Ladies Maid, one of the ships cooks and the famous Captain Edward J Smith

P4C where children used red and green cubes to indicate if they wished to share their thoughts or not.

10th January 2020

A warm welcome back after a lovely Christmas break. 

Here is the topic overview for this half term.

Overview Spring 1

Friday 20th December

This week we have been putting together the final touches to our art project ‘ The Enchanted Forest’

We have used a variety of medias to explore natural forms including collage, sketch, printing and finally sculpture.

We set up the finished piece on Thursday and invited our families in after school to see it.

Friday 13th December

This week we have been in full workshop mode, now we know how Father Christmas’ elves feel!

We’ve been making a variety of crafts to sell at the Christmas Fayre, including delicious chutney.

We learnt about kitchen hygiene and safety before we began.

We all worked together to peel, chop and mix a HUGE amount of vegetables ready for Mrs Venn to cook.

Once cooked we then filled jars with the chutney and labelled them up ready for sale.

Friday  6th December

This week we had a fantastic time on our school trip to SeaCity Museum in Southampton.

Not only was the actually trip exciting but there was much excitement about getting the coach and a packed lunch!

We had a tour of the museum and a workshop where we did a number of activities. One activity was really difficult as we had to decide who deserved a place on the life boat out of a selection of people. Although each group was a mixture of different children, every group decided to keep families together!

Friday 29th November

We had a lovely end to a busy week by going as a whole school up to Harmony Woods. We each planted another tree and took part in a quiz trying to find and identify wild flowers. After a week of strong wind and horrible rain we were blessed with a gorgeous day, the sun shone on us and we all had a wonderful time. Even if we did get rather muddy!

Friday  15th November

Today we celebrated Children In Need, we all dressed up as something spotty or a bear!

At 9am we took part in a special live work out with Joe Wicks on the BBC.

By the end of the work out over 5,000 schools were also logged in to take part!

Friday 8th November

This week we started out Science topic of forces.

We popped outside to explore different ways of moving out bodies. After this we came inside to plan an experiment based on pushes and pulls.

We decided to investigate how a surface can affect how far a ball can travel with some interesting results!


Autumn 2

With September being a distant memory now and Christmas just 7 short weeks away, take a look at what’s in store for Maple Class over the next half term.

Autumn 2 Map

Thursday 24th October

Well what a busy, fast paced, action packed half term it has been!

Both children in year 1 and year 2 have settled in beautifully and have all stepped up to the new challenges that their new year group gives them.

The year 2 children have taken real ownership of their learning and are proud to be able to showcase what they are capable of in all aspects of their learning.

The year 1 children have made a wonderful transition from EYFS to National Curriculum and have taken the new style of learning in their stride.

This half term has been full of fierce dragons, crumbling castles, brave knights and noble steeds. The children have loved every minute of this topic and it has been a joy to watch them fully immerse themselves in the topic.

I look forward to our journey next half term where we will be venturing into the world of twisted tales and exploring whether or not the Big Bad Wolf really was as bad as the tales tell us………

Friday 18th October

This week in science we have been looking at life cycles of animals, in particular humans and other mammals.

We worked together to figure out at what age humans stop growing and are strong enough to reproduce offspring and die.

The children decided that while most humans live to the age of 80 or 90, some people live to 100 because they receive a card from the Queen!

Friday 11th October

In Maple Class this week we have been working as teams during out Art and Design and Technology lessons.

We have spent the last couple of weeks researching castles and designing our own with the help of Mrs Venn. On Wednesday we put all our hard work together to create some amazing castles. Check out the pictures below!

This weeks homework has been set on Mathletics. This is the first time we have tried this, if there are any problems in the assigned tasks, such as they arent showing up. This is what these are the activities the children should be doing. I will still be able to see their progress on each task.

Year 1: Place value and Numbers bonds to 10

Year 2: Place value and Number bonds to 20

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from TVBC waste team who taught us all about recycling and how we need to be careful about what we put in our brown bins. Back in class we had a competition to design a poster to tell people what they could put in their bins. It was difficult choosing a winner by Miss Neale and Mrs Venn chose Beatrice for her careful thinking and great design on her poster. Well done Beatrice!


Castle Making

Friday 30th September

This week we have been thinking about Harvest and how it is celebrated. In RE we have been thinking about how Christians would feel if they weren’t able to go to church to give thanks at this time of year.

As part of our Harvest celebration we have made salt dough loaves of bread and learnt to tell the story of The Little Red Hen using Makaton.

Friday 27th September


This week in Maple Class we have enjoyed lots of role play in creative curriculum! We have been learning about the story of William the Conqueror and how he came to take the English throne. See if you can pick out who was pretending to be the newly crowned William, who was the mean King Harold who was shot in the eye by a bow and arrow……. 

Friday 13th September

Goodness me what a busy first full week back!

The children have all been so determined this week in their learning as we have been doing lots of review work and assessing our skills in English, Maths, Reading and phonics to find out exactly what we can remember and what we need to work on next.

The dynamics of the class are beautiful with a real calm, friendly and most importantly supportive atmosphere with the new mix of children. They have been working together to learn new rules and routines.

This week we have written our Class Charter.

These are a set of expectations in our class thought of by the children in which they want to establish.

Maple Class Charter 2019-2020

We will always listen to each other.

We will keep Maple Class tidy.

We will help each other.

We will move carefully around school.

We will be role models. 

We will be kind.

We will keep trying and not give up.

We will be safe and walk indoors.

We will always use kind hands, sensible feet and gentle voices to each other.

Welcome back!

It’s been a lovely long break this summer and now we are all ready and raring to go. As always we are busy bees in Maple Class with lots of learning and discovering to do be done. Have a look at what’s in store for Maple Class this year with our Topic Overview and a more detailed look at what is planned for the first half term on our Autumn 1  map. 

Topic overview 2019/20

Autumn 1 Map

Class notes:

PE will be with Premier Sports on a Tuesday afternoon and with Miss Neale on a Thursday Afternoon. Please remember to always have the full PE kit in school with each item clearly labelled and earrings removed.

Children will have the opportunity to change their reading books everyday and will be reading often with Miss Neale and other adults through the week so it is important that reading records and books are always kept in their zippy.






Maple Class 2018-2019


Please click on the link below to see what we will be learning about this half term:

Spring 2 map

Apologies here is the link to Year 2s maths homework this week 31.1.19. Sorry it wasn’t attached to the letter sent out.Reading Scales worksheet homework Year 2 31.1.19

A warm welcome to Maple’s Class page.

Here are a few key pieces of information about our class:

  1. We have PE on a Tuesday and Thursday.
  2. We are encouraged to change our own books daily to help our independence skills.
  3. We read once a week in a guided reading group with Miss Neale or Mrs Venn, this is recorded in a classroom file.
  4. We have homework set on a Wednesday, ready for our quiz on a Tuesday.

Wednesday 16th January

Goodness me what an amazing day we had on Monday!

The children arrived at school with their suitcases ready for a mystery trip to a different country. They came in and made their boarding passes and passports before going into the hall which had been transformed into an aeroplane!

We all boarded the plane, listened to the safety announcements then enjoyed snacks and in-flight entertainment. Mrs Harris who is cabin crew for Virgin  was kind enough to come into school all dressed for work to enhance our experience.

After lunch we experienced lots of activities in class to do with India, from drawing our own Mendi patterns on blank hands to colouring Rangoli patterns.

However our favourite by far was the food tasting!

We tried lots of different Indian foods discussing the smell, texture and taste.

Some of which were rather spicy!

We can’t wait to continue our Indian Topic!


Please see this half term’s Curriculum map below;

Spring 1 map



 Tuesday 12th February

This week we have been working hard to finish up our mini projects within our India topic.

We are all so excited to share with our families our zoo enclosures for native Indian animals, showcase our fantastic tiger paintings and most of all make and taste our dips. Some of which have rather odd combinations including garlic and peach………we shall let you know what it tastes like!

We have had a great time learning how to design and write travel blogs about our trip to India, even though it was rather tricky learning how to find different files within the computer system.

A highlight of our past week was when Miss Neale gave the whole class the achievers award and the behaviour and values award.

The reason for these special group awards:


Year 2 for their amazing maths work involving number problems. It has been difficult to learn how to unpick these wordy problems.

Year 1 for their wonderful independent writing using all the skills we have learnt this half term to write their own version of the ‘Journey’ story.


Behaviours and Values was awarded to the whole class because over the past half term the children have worked incredibly hard to improve their attitude to learning, their independence skills and working together to create that rich positive environment for learning within our class.

Miss Neale and Mrs Venn are so proud of each and every one of them!


Please note: Children’s homework shall now be sent home in a small yellow book. Please ensure this book is handed in on a Tuesday ready for the quiz and go back home on a Wednesday with new homework.

The children will do their spelling quiz at the back of this book so you can see at home which words they found extra tricky.


Our India outcome afternoon

Here are a few photos from our wonderful outcome afternoon where we showcased all our hard work from this half term based around the country of India. The children were so proud to show off all their learning and creations, especially keen to share their delicious dips which the children designed and made.

It was wonderful for so many families to be able to join us for this showcase and encourages the children to take great pride in their achievements.  Thank you!


Spring 2

The Best of British

This Half term in Maple class we are learning about the Best of British.

This include learning about the Great Fire of London and British Plants.

We began this topic with our launch day which included learning about a variety of British athletes, historical figures, decorating Union Jack flags and of course learning  a fundamental skill……how to make a cucumber sandwich!

We then spent the afternoon outside in the (very un-British) sunshine having our picnic then learning lots of traditional playground games.



World book Day

Our Class had the theme of Julia Donaldson, we are so thankful to all the parents and families as they made a great effort to put together some amazing costumes! We had a literature filled day with lots of activities including a visit from a local author Mrs Townsend to read us her wonderful books.





Science Week

This week we have been doing a great amount to learning in science to coincide with National Science Week.

As our topic is plants we have been experimenting with seeds and different growing environments.

As you can see from the picture we chose to plant our seeds in soil, sand and water.

After a few days the water caused the seed to disintegrate  and which in turn gave off a vile smell, much to the delight of the children! Yuck!

Red nose day

For Red Nose Day we all wore the brightest colours we could find! We spoke about what the day was all about and why we raise money for other people. It was also a special day because we finally finished writing up our best versions of our Great Fire of London diaries and sent them off for the national competition!


We had some tiny feathered visitors to our class this week, the chick were finally big enough to be held so Miss Neale brought them into the class and, as we sat in a circle, let them stretch their legs by strutting about. We each had a little cuddle and linked it to our science topic of growing seeds.

Miss Neale took the last two remaining eggs home to try and hatch over the weekend but sadly they didn’t, we spoke about how this was similar to the bean seeds we planted. Although they had everything they needed to grow or hatch something wasn’t quite right which meant they didn’t survive just as our seeds didn’t grow.

Beatrice and Alice became mother hens when two of the chicks decided they were warm and snuggly so settled down for a sleep. We have never seen the girls so quite or sitting so still!

Week beginning 25th March

What another busy week we have had!

We will be doing our Best of British Showcase on Thursday.

On Tuesday we had finished our maths lesson, like everyday, but the only difference in this lesson was every……single…..person….. worked 100% independently using all their skills and knowledge to help them.

Miss Neale was blown away she had to sit down!

To recognise this achievement at the end of the lesson we put on our favourite singer of the moment George Ezra then had a sing and dance about!

Click the link below to see the clip of the class!


Week beginning Monday 1st April

Well where did that term go?

We have had such an amazing term in Maple Class, although we are all very tired and looking forward to the Easter break we have finished on a high from reflecting on our achievements.

This week we have been enjoying lots of Easter activities and sharing all our wonderful Best of British projects. Mrs Hawkings was so amazed she has asked for some to be displayed in the library!

Some of the children were taking part in a show at the village hall including singing, dancing and performing with the musical instruments. They all found their Lions inside to have the courage to do that!

After Easter we will be full steam ahead towards the summer with lots of exciting topics and learning to submerge ourselves in.

Have a peep at our Summer 1 Curriculum map to give you a clue about whats in store!

Summer 1 Map

Week beginning 15th April

This week in our creative curriculum we have been looking at our world in geography. We began the topic by looking at a world map and dissecting it in different ways.

We learnt about the different groups of countries called continents and the Oceans that make up our world. Miss Neale was very impressed that we remembered the imaginary band around the world’s ‘belly’ called the equator from our India topic.

Retaining this fact helped us greatly in locating the different continents as such as Asia and South America.

Week beginning 22nd April

As part of our World of Water topic we have been thinking about different materials in the world.

As part of our science we went on a material hunt around the school. Before we set off we discussed which materials we would find and where in the school. We predicted there would be a lot of plastic being used as it is strong and cheap, however we were wrong!

Wood seemed to be the most popular material being used in our school, this puzzled us! That was until Tom  had a great thought that maybe the reason wood is used so much is because the school is so old and wood was more popular in the ‘olden days’!

Week beginning 29th April

This week we have really been getting our teeth into our World of Water topic.

We are a class of cross children!

While talking about the problem of single-use plastic, we got onto the topic of supermarkets and how they are still using too much!

Well, we just had to do something.

First we wrote a list of all the big companies still use single-use plastic from straws and cups to bags and bottles. We decided to take action by writing letters to Tesco asking them to rethink the little plastic bags to put your fruit and vegetables in.

Charlie also had the fantastic idea to suggest they could provide a little compost bin outside for children to throw their fruit waste in after munching it as they shopped with their families!

Week beginning 6th May

This week in science we have been experimenting with different materials. Miss Neale gave us a variety of materials including clay, foil, paper and plastic. She challenged us in groups to work as a team to make a cup strong enough to hold water for 1 minute with no leaks.

It was a lot harder than we thought!

Week beginning 13th May

This week the Year 1 children have been fantastic friends to the Year 2 children as they have had to do their learning in all different areas of the school whilst Year 2 did their S. A. T. S.

The Year 2 children were thrilled to receive their mission stamp cards from ‘ The Agency’ and made all the adults so proud with their resilient and courageous attitude towards each mission.

Well done agents!

Week beginning 20th

This final week has been wonderful!

As part of our healthy week at school we have been doing lots of different activities focusing on keeping ourselves healthy.

Maple Class has paid particular attention to our minds and how it is equally important to keep our mind health as our physical body.

We have not only enjoyed yoga and  mindfulness exercises inside and out but we were able to take part in a healthy eating workshop run my HC3S where we made a fruit kebab.


To finish off the week we drew a food group plate making sure to carefully mark the correct size sections for each food group.

We then got hands on preparing food for each main food group, adding in a bit of Maths with fractions!

Then after lunch we were each given an envelope of real money, we were challenged yet again to buy something from each group to fill our plate………….though there wasn’t a section on the plate for a special treat!


Week beginning 3rd June

This week in Maple we have been thinking about special books in RE. We’ve been thinking about the Bible and why it is special to us.

During one of our RE lessons we got into groups and were asked to create a freeze frame showing how we would feel if we lost something precious to us, such as the Bible.

Week beginning 10th June

One of our new school beliefs is to work together as a team to achieve our best.

In Maple class we have been thinking about how we can work as a team within our school day.

We have home tables where we base ourselves during reading time and handwriting.

Miss Neale has challenged the children to work as a team at the end of the day on their home tables to ensure everyone is quiet, got all their stuff and stood smartly. the first table to achieve this is awarded a table point!

Another way we have looked at how we work as a team is through the hoop game.

Miss Neale stood us all in a circle holding hands, we were challenged to move the hoop around the circle without breaking the chain!

This was a real test of teamwork!

Check out a video of the hoop game——IMG_2232