Maple Class Homework

home work 30.11.18 y2ir_ur_er                                       home work 30.11.18 y1er

home work 23.11.18 y1ou                                                   home work 23.11.18 y2es

home work 16.11.18 y2oi_oy                                             home work 16.11.18 y1oi

home work 9.11.18 y1ur                                                       home work 9.11.18 y2 er

home work 2.11.18 y2ar_al                                                 home work 2.11.18 y1ar


home work 12.10.18 y2 ue_ewx                                      home work 12.10.18 y1oo

home work 5.10.18 y1igh                                                    home work 5.10.18 y2i_e, ie, igh, y

home work 29.9.18 y1 oa                                                    home work 29.9.18 y2_ea e_e

home-work-21.9.18-y1ee                                                   home-work-21.9.18-y2-ed-a

home work 14.9.18 y2                                                          home work 14.9.18 y1ai

home-work-summer Y1docx                                           home-work-summer Y2docx

home-work-29.6.18.ed sort t or d Y1docx                home-work-29.6.18.ful and less Y2docx

home learning 22.6.18

home-work-20.6.18. air homophones Y1docx          home-work-20.6.18. air are ere ear Y2docx

home-work-13.6.18                                                                home work 8.6.18 y1oi_oy

home work 18.5.18 y1ew                                                      home work 4.5.18 sci day balloon

home work 27.4.18 y2 ed a                                                 home work 26.4.18 y1ay

home work 20.4.18 y2 ing                                                   home work 20.4.18 y1oy

home work 23.3.18 y2i_e, ie, igh, y                                 home work 23.3.18 y1i_e home work

 Snow day activities 19.3.18: 

Snow Day tasks

Snowy Tens 10 more and 10 less

Y2 Make your own Multiplication Snowman

Y1 Snowball Tens and groups


home work 16.3.18 y2u_e ue ew             home work 16.3.18 y1u_e

home work 9.3.18 y2o_e oa ow ough   home work 9.3.18 y1o_e

home work 2.3.18 y2a_e ai ay                   home work 2.3.18 y1a_e

Snow day activities: 

Choose which poem you would like to read and discuss:

snow day poem 1           snow day poem 2

book review 1                   book review 2

Snow day write

Cross Curricular Research:  Jacques Cousteau

Maths tasks:

Draw spots on the ladybirds to show all the different ways to make 20          snail 100

Maths code breaker homework                                                                                            WHOLE TENS


home work 23.2.18 y2ow                          home work 23.2.18 y1ow

home work 2.2.18 y2ure                             home work 2.2.18 y1ure

home work 26.1.18 y2ear_eer                 home work 26.1.18 y1ear

home work 19.1.18 y2are                           home work 19.1.18 y1air

home work 12.1.18 y2ear_ure_air          home work 12.1.18 y1er_or_ur_ar revise

home work 1.12.17 y1er                               home work 1.12.17 y2ir_ur_er

home work 24.11.17 y2es                           home work 24.11.17 y1ou

home work 17.11.17 y2oi_oy                     home work 17.11.17 y1oi

home work 10.11.17 y2 er                           home work 10.11.17 y1ur

home work 3.11.17 y1ar                               home work 3.11.17 y2ar_al

home work 13.10.17 y2a_au_aw             home work 13.10.17 y2aor                           home work 13.10.17 y1or

home work 6.10.17 y2b ue_ewx              home work 6.10.17 y2a oo                           home work 6.10.17 y1oo

home work 29.9.17 y2a igh                        home work 29.9.17 y2b i_e                         home work 29.9.17 y1igh

home work 25.9.17 y2b_ea e_e               home work 25.9.17 y2a_ee                         home work 25.9.17 y1ee

home work 18.9.17 y1                                    home work 18.9.17 y2                                    home work 18.9.17 y2a

home work 11.9.17 y2                                    home work 11.9.17 y2a                                   home work 11.9.17 y1a


home work 11.5.17

home work 4.5.17a

home work 24.3.17

home work 27.4.17

home work 16.3.17

home work 9.3.17

home work 2.3.17

home work 9.2.17

home work 2.2.17

home work 26.1.17