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Terrible Tudors

I have been blown away by the children’s engagement in our Tudor topic. Some great research from over half term is on display on our working wall. This week we started our class text ‘Diver’s Daughter’ about a Tudor girl. We did some freeze frames to summarise what has happened so far. The children had to guess what part of the story the freeze frames represented…


Careers week

We have been thinking about different people’s jobs this week and been very luck to have a range of visitors. We had someone who volunteered for the NHS, a hairdresser, HC3S (who cook our school dinners) and Miss C’s grandad came in to talk about his job in farm machinery over 59 years!

How we hear things

This week in Science we were thinking about how we hear sounds.


Autumn 2 Topic Overview

Wishing you a restful and lovely half term. The children have been a pleasure this half term. Year 3 have settled in to KS2 well and enjoyed having more responsibility. Year 4 have been great role models for how we do things in Oak class and guided the Year 3s with compassion.

A few reminders:

  • PE kit should be in school every day.  Our PE days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday currently, however trainers are required for other activities such as the golden mile. 
  • Homework is set on a Friday and should be in no later than the following Wednesday.
  • Children should be taking home their home reader and reading record daily and be reading at home for at least 5 minutes per day.

We became the teachers!

Before we edited our setting descriptions that we wrote for our hot task, we got to become the teachers. Miss C gave us all a green teacher marking pen and we spotted errors/looked for improvements in her work. (We were very harsh markers!) Then we were able to spot them in our own work and use our purple pens to improve our writing.

Mental Health Awareness Day

As well as wearing yellow, we teamed up with Maple class to decorate some cakes for mental health awareness day!

Stop motion animation 

This week, we have been making our own characters for our stop motion animation of marauders map. We started off by making a Morphe style character, then added detail using various colours of modelling clay… Can you tell who our characters are?


Fantastic Gymnastics

We have been really lucky this half term as we have had a gymnastics teacher on Monday mornings. This week we were developing our skills using a spring board. Mrs K was very proud of what we could achieve by the end of the lesson!

Eco week

Test Valley Borough Council came in to visit us to talk about recycling. We got to have a look at some products made out of recycled materials, as well as pretend that we worked in the centre where they sort all of the materials for recycling from a big conveyor-belt.

Investigating the pond area

To collect further evidence for our longitudinal study, we went back into the pond area and were looking at plants living there. This was a great opportunity to apply our skills learned on the Ufton park trip. We estimated the age of the trees, estimated their height and identified which type of tree each one was. We found some Silver Birch, Hazel and Blackthorn trees. This all provided more evidence of wildlife in the pond area. We discussed that not only are the plants living things themselves, they probably provide habitats and food for the insects and animals, hence part of the food chain.


Ufton park trip

We had a great day outdoors at Ufton Park, luckily the weather was very kind to us and there was no rain! The children completed several workshops, including learning how to; measure the height of a tree, estimate the age of a tree and identify specific types of tree. We also discussed sustainability in relation to the materials we use in everyday life.

Fantastic Beasts

In art this week, we designed our own Fantastic Beasts with Mrs Venn, using pencil sketching and watercolour pencils. We really focused on attention to detail. Soon, we will be writing non-chronological reports about our beasts and creating our own encyclopedia of Fantastic Beasts.


Problem solving – column addition

This week, while the Year 3s have been learning the formal written method of column addition, the Year 4s have been recapping the method and completing some extremely challenging problems. This one demonstrates a missing number problem, where they were given a calculation and answer, but a few digits were missing. They had to find out which digits to put in to make the calculation correct. 

Super similes

We have been developing our description this week by using similes to create a picture in the readers’ mind. First, we used stimulus pictures on the board to generate similes on large rolls of paper. Then, we had to sort a set of similes from worst to best and give reasons why. After that, we generated our own Harry Potter themed similes, ready for our setting descriptions of the Hogwarts Great Hall.

Tag rugby

We had our first lesson with Mr Filby this week, developing our skills with a rugby ball. Next week we will be moving on to developing our technique for passing the ball.

The Road of Choices

Mrs Hitchen came in to tell us a Bible story for our RE lesson. We talked lots about choices in life and how it’s okay to not make the right choice sometimes, but it’s what we do to correct our wrong choices that matters.

Longitudinal study

We recieved a letter explaining that our pond area is going to be turned into car parking space unless we can prove that there is life in there. It is our mission to explore the pond area over the course of this year to prove that we should not get rid of it, because it provides a habitat for many living things.

Step 1 – Initial exploration

We went out into the pond for an initial look at what we could find.


Step 2 – Risk assessment

We have completed a risk assessment as a class to ensure that we are safe when entering the pond area. 

 Click to view our risk assessment

Stop motion animation

Our ICT topic this term is stop motion animation. We used the iPads to have a go with some play mobile toys. In the next few weeks, we will be making our own Harry Potter inspired animations.

Number and place value

Representing numbers in a variety of ways.

Counties game – Homework link  

Some of our Year 3s enjoying their turn in our new book corner… We hope you are enjoying the new Read Every Day challenge as much as we are!

Who is Jesus?

To launch our RE topic ‘Jesus’ teaching and message’ we had a discussion about what we already know about Jesus, his purpose and some of the key things that he did. We drew our own picture of what Jesus looks like in our heads and discussed that it’s OK for them to all be different. Then, we compared images of Jesus from around the world.

Roald Dahl Day 2019

For our guided reading this morning we did a roundabout of activities linked to Roald Dahl texts. We practised and applied lots of different reading skills, including; summarising, predicting, using inference and clarifying meanings. 

10 more, 10 less, 100 more and 100 less

We have been using concrete resources and pictorial representations to represent 10/100 more or less this week. This became really tricky when we had to exchange backwards and forwards across the place value columns for certain numbers. However we were able to spot patterns and make generalisations once we had got the hang of it…

Muggles, Magic and Mayhem!

On Monday morning when we arrived at school Miss Chilcott was dressed as a Hogwarts professor and we all had a letter from Professor McGonagall asking us to become wizards in training for a top secret project. We even had the sorting hat sort us into Hogwarts houses and designed our own Hogwarts pet and a wand. 


 It has been lovely to have the children back this week, they have settled back into school really well. Even though we have only been back for 2 days we have fitted lots in already! We did some Philosophy 4 Children (P4C) about happiness and considered whether life for humans is better now than it ever has been. There were lots of really interesting thoughts about technology, medical discoveries and how everyday life has changed throughout history. 

In teams the children completed a boat building challenge in which they had to design a boat to hold as much weight as possible.  In addition to this, they did spaghetti and marshmallow tower challenge, in which their aim was to build the tallest tower. We talked about team work and what it actually means to ‘work as a team’. The children were able to use language from their P4C session such as “I disagree with that because…” to communicate their ideas in a polite way. 

Boat making

Spaghetti and marshmallow towers

Important info:

Oak’s PE days will be a Tuesday and Wednesday so please ensure kit is in on these days. 

Homework is set on a Friday and is due in on the following Wednesday.



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