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Curriculum overview – Spring

This document outlines some of the things your children will be learning throughout the spring term.

Our outcome afternoon

Thank you to all who took the time to come and see what we have been learning about in Creative Curriculum. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their hard work from over the term!












Christmas party hats

We had a competition to see who could make the best party hat for the governors’ Christmas lunch. Shea won the KS2 competition and Mrs Ryder won from the adults!

Volcano making!

This week we have made some volcanoes, ready to erupt them at our outcome afternoon on Monday. We are all very excited to watch them erupt!


Buddy the elf

When Buddy arrived a few weeks ago he came with a letter, explaining how Santa had sent him to try and learn to behave from watching us. Buddy seems to be a slow learner, as he is still up to lots of mischief in the classroom and is showing no sign of stopping soon.

Look out parents!

Some extremely persuasive letters coming your way…

To finish off our persuasive writing unit, the children’s hot task was to write a persuasive letter to their parents to try and persuade them to buy their dream Christmas present. The children absolutely blew me away with their letters, containing some amazing examples of; emotive language, rhetorical questions, magic 3 and much more… Hopefully they have done enough to persuade you too!

Chocolatey equivalent fractions

To begin the tricky topic of equivalent fractions, the Year 3s took to breaking up chocolate bars to try and spot pairs of equivalent fractions. It was all going so well until we left the chocolate in the classroom overnight and Buddy the elf decided to help himself! We discovered him the next morning hiding in the book corner and had to confiscate the chocolate…

Toy designers

With Christmas up and coming and our new English topic being persuasive writing, the children became toy designers and were set the task to write a persuasive advert. Therefore we headed down to Willow class to do some market research and see what toys children love to play with, before designing our own toys. Willow class loved us coming down to play with them and ask lots of questions about their favourite toys. As a result, the children designed some amazingly creative toys!

Anglo-Saxon Diaries

We wrote diaries from the perspective of Hrothgar from Michael Morpurgo’s book ‘Beowulf’. Then we tea stained them to make them look really old!

Pyjama day

Looking very cosy in our pyjamas for Children In Need.

Homework projects – An Earthquake Investigation

The children all produced some really interesting homework on their chosen earthquake. They presented back to the class what they had found out and we have now covered out working wall in their amazing projects.

Superhero day!

We dressed as superheroes in aid of raising money for children with Type 1 diabetes.

Poppy making

We made clay poppies for armistice day, which went on show at an exhibition in the village hall.

Class worship – A recipe for a friend

In class worship today, we considered what makes a good friend and wrote a recipe for one. Our recipe included ‘2 big ears for listening’ and ‘a dash of love’.

Do we still need newspapers in 2018?

In Oak, we had a debate over the place of newspapers in our modern world. It was surprising how many children still wanted to keep newspapers! They considered how older generations might not have the access to computers and tablets to read online news. Also, how people who printed and delivered newspapers would lose their jobs, therefore have no income.


This week we have had 2 RE afternoons, where we looked into the Big Frieze and discussed some of the messages within it. As a class we then recreated two of the panels, to put together with the other classes and make a whole school display.


World restart a heart day


Creative curriculum presentations

In groups, the children were given a volcano to research and create a case study about. After researching they had to use Powerpoint to create presentations and then write scripts to help them when presenting.


Oak’s Indonesian Earthquake Fund

Thank you to all that kindly donated towards our class fund to go to Save the Children, for the victims of the Indonesian earthquake and tsunami. We raised £78.50!

Class worship – Creation praise

Our worship theme this half term is ‘thankfulness’ and this week we have been thinking about being thankful for the creation of the world around us, with a particular focus on Autumn. For our class worship, we went on a nature walk around the school grounds to see what signs of autumn we could spot, as well as thinking about what we could see, hear, feel and smell. After, we wrote some beautiful autumn poems to show our thanks for the world around us.

I Love Autumn

I can smell fresh air and lovely dew,

I can feel smooth conkers fresh from their shell,

I can see beautiful animals all around, in the time for all to come out,

I can hear the wind passing my ears and the lovely breeze on my face.

by Isabella



The Way Back Home

This week in guided reading we have been looking at using our inference skills to make predictions about characters and the plot. We also used pastels to create some beautiful illustrations that we would put in the book.

We have had a very successful week in Oak this week, being the best class for attendance with 100% and being awarded the first ever golden broom for having the tidiest classroom. Let’s hope we can keep it up next week!

Layers of the Earth

We used playdough to create models of what the layers of the Earth look like for our Creative Curriculum topic ‘Volcanoes and Earthquakes’.

Oak’s Invention Convention

In English this week, we have been designing robots to help us with jobs that we don’t like doing. We will be using our inventions to create an explanation text.

Our first week back


On our first week back we got stuck in to some maths challenges, did team building in PE and had a competition to see who could make the tallest spaghetti and marshmallow towers.

During science we have been learning about a life cycle of a plant. After that we have been investigating which paper – copter will drift longer.

Class worship

During class worship we made special pictures for people that are blind. This work is related to our theme ‘Creation’.

Henry’s Freedom Box

Our English work is based on ‘Henry’s Freedom Box’. We have listened to the story and after that we worked in groups to answer questions regarding building up tension, using direct speech and creating atmosphere by using interesting vocabulary.

Sacred places

Last week Oak visited our local church. We were investigated features which we think make a church sacred.

Plant investigation

In science we set up an investigation which will help us to explore the requirements of plants for life and growth. Each group is focusing on one requirement: light, warmth, soil or water. We are going to check over the few weeks what is going to happen.

This is what has happened after two weeks.


In Art we were investigating different parts of a plant and we used watercolour pencils to draw and create beautiful  watercolour works of art without having to use paints.

Science Day

During our Science Day we have been investigating in which way the water is transported within plants.

Ancient Achievements

Our new Creative Curriculum topic is about Ancient Greece. Today we were investigating Greek vases and after that we were designing our own vase in the style of the Ancient Greeks.

What is the effect of cutting the grass and should we do it?

Today we gathered data for our longitudinal study.

Division in Maths

Recently we have been learning how to carry out a short division calculation using the traditional method. We have used concrete objects to help us understand this process.

Representing geographical features

During Creative Curriculum we have been designing and building a model to represent a range of human and physical features of one European location.

Investigating 3D shapes

During Maths we have been making 3D  shapes and exploring their properties.


Smoke’s No Joke

During Health & Citizenship we have been learning about the importance of smoke alarms in our homes.

Snow Day Work Monday 19th March

Y3 English snow day work

Y3 Maths Snow Day Work

Y4 English snow day work

Y4 Maths Snow Day Work

Take the temperature

Today we were making systematic and careful observations and, where appropriate, we were taking accurate measurements using thermometers.


Our new RE topic is called SALVATION. Today we were investigating ‘The Big Frieze’. We were given the core concepts and we had to match the concepts to the panel on the Big Frieze, explaining the connections. We also had to place them in the correct order and explain our choice.

Mysterious pictures from Harris Burdick

Today we looked at book images and we used drama techniques to act out conversations from those pictures. We will use this to learn about direct speech.

Snow Day Work

Y3 English Friday Y3 Maths Friday Y4 English Fr Y4 Maths Fr

Snow Day Work

English Y4 Th Y3 English Thursday

Y4 Maths Thursday Y3 Maths Thursday

Free reading Friday – Musical chairs


Particle Party!

Today we were investigating that some materials change state when they heated or cooled. We used coloured ice cubes (blue and yellow), salt and warm water to check when ice cubes melt faster and what will happen after that.

Our continent!

Our new creative curriculum topic is Europe. On our first session we tried to understand which countries comprise our continent and which bodies of water surround it.


States of Matter Scientists

Our new science topic is ‘States of Matter’. Today, we have been learning about solids and liquids.

CPA in Maths

We are learning about written methods for addition and subtraction. We are using different concrete objects to help us understand the process of adding and subtracting three and four- digit numbers.


Piña Colada

During our English lesson we have made a Piña Colada. There was only one problem…. Mrs Brzostek didn’t give us any instructions! Later on, we found out that we are going to learn how to write instructions.



We based our first day of term on a lovely book called ‘Hurricane’ by David Wiesner. In the story, after the hurricane, two brothers find an uprooted tree which become a magical place. We had a drama activity where we acted out what happens next in Hurricane. Will the tree fall or will the boys find a way of enjoying the elm tree that’s still standing?


Maths – practical day

In Maths we have been learning about measures. During our practical lesson, we had to estimate and measure: lengths, mass and volume/capacity.

Invaders and settlers

In creative curriculum we have been learning all about Anglo-Saxons. Recently, we have been participating in role-play scenario about Anglo-Saxons invasion. We were divided into two groups: Anglo-Saxons and Britons. Each group had to discuss the reasons why Anglo-Saxons came and after that, we voted on what action each group should take.

It’s Electric !

Our new science topic is electricity. On our last session we identified dangers associated with electricity in the home. We were making electrical safety posters for the school, warning children of some of the dangers associated with electricity.

Performing poetry

In Oak we are learning about poetry. We explored lots of different types of poems and enjoyed learning one of them by heart.  We performed our poems to the rest of the class in small groups.

The Rocks Stars of the world need our help!!!

We have received a very important letter! The Rocks Stars wanted their children to be able to come to their concerts, but they were worried about their precious hearing. The concerts are very loud; too loud for such young ears. Because we have been learning about sound and hearing, they asked us to design some ear defenders for the young rockers.

Designing and creating mountains

During our DT session we have been constructing a triangular frame which helped us to form our own mini mountain.

Living in the Mountains

Our English work is based on the real story about Raju – a boy that lives in the Kumaon Himalays. We had ‘hot seating’ activity when we tried to put ourselves in the child’s position when answering questions. We also have been attending Kumaoni school in Northern India. We looked at images of Kumaoni school and after that we discussed similarities and differences between Kumaoni school and our school.

Science Day -Accidental discoveries: Play-Doh®

Today we have been investigating if our play-doh was conducting electricity.

Good vibrations

We have been learning that vibrations from sounds travel through the medium to the ear.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

Our new Creative Curriculum topic is about mountains. Today we have been exploring how mountains and hills are formed.


Please have a look at our working wall. Recently, we have been looking at mysterious animations and we have been working  in groups to predict what might happen in the story from details stated.

Listen Up – Sound Walk

Our new science topic is about sound. We have been investigating different sounds. We visited different areas of the school, inside and outdoors, and had to complete a sound sheet for that area. We tried to describe what kind of sound we heard and made a sensible guess as to what made the sound.

Enjoying Poetry

In Oak we are learning about poetry. We explored lots of different types of poems and enjoyed reading them to our friends.

Four Seasons in One Day

Our English work is based on the book ‘Story Orchestra – Four Seasons in One Day’. It is a story about Isabelle and her dog pickle, based on Vivaldi’s music – the book even plays the real music! We used musical instruments to create our own season themed music and played it while the story was read.

Planting Seeds

Anti-Bullying Day

For Anti-bullying day we all dressed in red clothes to represent STOP! Start Telling Other People. We discussed our school anti-bullying policy and what bullying actually means.

Secret Agents!

When Oak arrived to school one morning, the classroom had been taken over by lasers! Just like secret agents, we all had to make our way from one side to the other without being hit by a laser beam. We then started to learn about an agent from WW2 named Agent Fifi…

Oak Class Science Fair

Inspired by our science learning, we designed our very own science fair. In groups we worked together to design games that involved magnets. Each of our games had to teach people something about how magnets and forces work. Willow class came to our science fair and we had a great afternoon sharing our learning with them!

Our trip to the Science Museum!

We got to go on an amazing trip to visit the Science Museum in London. We got to explore lots of different parts of the museum as well as seeing the ‘Feel the Force’ show which was all about forces and magnets!

Andover History Afternoon

We had some very interesting visitors from the past come and see us! They taught us lots of interesting facts about the history of Andover.


Writing Station News

Everybody is really enjoying our new writing station. Look how many great ideas have been shared already!

Magic potions in Maths…

We have been learning about length, mass and volume. We made long worms and had to estimate and measure the lengths, we weighed items around the school and we even made potions! Mrs Richardson received a delivery from her wizard friend. The delivery included: Troll Bogies, Teardrops of Fairies, Dragon Blood, Frog Breath, Mountain Haze and Inky Slime!


Writing Station

The latest addition to Oak is a Writing Station! This is a place where children can come and write words, phrases and sentences they have thought of. They will be displayed around our Writing Station so keep your eyes peeled!

Fractions…with chocolate!

We have been learning about equivalent fractions. To do this we used Swiss rolls AND chocolate bars so that we could see which fractions were equal and which were not.

Dinosaur Update…

The baby dinosaur has officially hatched! At the moment he is tiny and we are trying to work out what we need to do to take care of a baby dinosaur! The larger egg has partly hatched but he was getting to big for his home. We have transferred him to a larger container so hopefully we’ll have more exciting news soon!

Dinosaur Discovery!

Whilst out on a nature walk some members of Oak made an AMAZING discovery…a dinosaur egg in the middle of the vegetable patch! We still need to confirm that it is definitely a dinosaur egg so we will begin the hatching process immediately – wish us luck!

Be Bright Be Seen Day

For ‘Be Bright Be Seen’ day, everyone was allowed to come in their brightest home clothes! We discussed the importance of road safety and how to stay safe when out and about. The class agreed that the day should be renamed – Be Bright, Be Seen, BE SAFE!


In creative curriculum we have been learning all about volcanoes. We painted volcanic eruptions inspired by Andy Warhol.

Rock Investigations!

We’ve been learning all about different types of rocks and what happens when different liquids are added to them.


In Oak we are all very excited to be learning about fossils! Our English work has been about dinosaurs and in Science we are learning about rocks, soils and fossils.

Sharing thoughts and feelings