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Red Nose Day for Comic Relief

Tree planting

The same lady who planted trees with us at Harmony Woods (Wendy Davis) came in to plant trees into the nursery bed we have at school. As a class, we have to look after them while they begin to grow and hopefully we will transfer them up to Harmony Woods in November.

Science week

To celebrate international science week, we did lots of experimenting. We have also started a sunflower growing competition!

Welcome to the world of Roald Dahl

(World book day)

Charlie Bucket, an Oompa Loompa, Mr Willy Wonka and Danny the Champion of the World

5 Fantastic Mr Foxes, 3 Georges, 5 Matildas, a Miss Honey and  a Miss Trunchball!

Oak’s Marvellous Medicine

We designed and made our own medicines to do whatever we wished… We then had to write a recipe for them thinking about how many ml of each ingredient we used.

Esio Trot

Miss Chilcott’s tortoise came in to visit, we pretended to be Mr Hoppy and wrote a guide to looking after a tortoise. It was really helpful being able to ask Miss Chilcott lots of questions!

The B.F.G

We got arty to create dream jars that the BFG could store in his cave. We decorated them according to what our dreams are…

Fantastic gymnastics

Our PE topic this half term is gymnastics. We have been focusing on balances so far, being as creative as we can to create balances in groups. Once we have perfected them we will be using transitions to create small routines.

Tricky time…

Year 3 have been learning how to tell the time by making big clocks out on the playground. They have come extremely far in such a small amount of time and can now all tell the time to 5 minutes!

Year 4 are onto the tricky converting between analogue and digital for the 24 hour clock!

Back to it!

We have had an extremely busy first day back. Putting ourselves into our new English text ‘Quest’ by Aaron Becker, we became the girl and boy in the story, pretending our drawings could come to life.

Due to the glorious weather, we spent most of our afternoon learning outside. For our science lesson on fossils we made our own fossils out of salt dough, they turned out amazing!


Then, we launched our RE topic ‘suffering’ by refreshing our memories on the Easter story from the Bible by creating freeze frames of key events in the story and sharing them.


Oak Spring Timetable

Spring 2 overview

Roman day

We had an extremely busy day on Friday; problem solving with Roman numerals, making mosaics, baking bread, marching and having a Roman feast! A huge thank you to all of the parents who came in for the Roman feast. It was really lovely to see the children so enthusiastic about their learning and sharing it with you. Our Romans topic continues over to the next half term so watch this space for what we will be learning next…

Harry Potter Yoga

Because we weren’t able to go outside for our breaks today, we did a short session of yoga this afternoon to reset our brains and wake us up a bit! The yoga was themed around Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Published authors!

This afternoon we spent some time in the library reading our finished and published books to Maple class. We wrote our own versions of Romulus and Remus, designed a front cover in water colour pencils and made books with illustrations in too. It was lovely to share our work with Maple, who we also gave some writing tips to, as they are starting to write their own stories too!


Good morning Oak! Below is a link to a menu of activities for you. Please choose 1 or 2 to complete. Most importantly, have lots of fun and stay safe!

Snow day menu

Times table challenge

ICT Investigating

A visitor from Harrow Way school brought in a computer for us to look inside at all of the parts…

Fronted adverbial fun

We have been focusing on preposition fronted adverbials, so to try and help us to put them into a sentence we played the shopping trolley game but with a picture scene.

Oak’s great archaeological dig!

This afternoon we became archaeologists and went on a dig to find pieces of roman artefacts. We may have discovered some other bits and bobs in the planter, including carrots, parsnips and a potato. Our next task is going to be trying to piece some pieces of artefact together and find out what they actually are…

Guided reading

Text: How to live forever – Colin Thompson

Miss Chilcott was very naughty and took the words away from our book. She gave them back for us to try and match to the correct illustration. We found it very tricky, as the pictures were very abstract…


Romulus and Remus freeze-frames

For our myths and legends topic in English, we have been learning about Romulus and Remus. To help us remember key parts of the story we created freeze-frames in groups. Next, we are going to be writing our own versions. Watch this space…

Curriculum overview – Spring

This document outlines some of the things your children will be learning throughout the spring term.

Our outcome afternoon

Thank you to all who took the time to come and see what we have been learning about in Creative Curriculum. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their hard work from over the term!

Volcano video 1

Volcano video 2

Volcano video 3

Volcano video 4








Christmas party hats

We had a competition to see who could make the best party hat for the governors’ Christmas lunch. Shea won the KS2 competition and Mrs Ryder won from the adults!

Volcano making!

This week we have made some volcanoes, ready to erupt them at our outcome afternoon on Monday. We are all very excited to watch them erupt!

Buddy the elf

When Buddy arrived a few weeks ago he came with a letter, explaining how Santa had sent him to try and learn to behave from watching us. Buddy seems to be a slow learner, as he is still up to lots of mischief in the classroom and is showing no sign of stopping soon.

Look out parents!

Some extremely persuasive letters coming your way…

To finish off our persuasive writing unit, the children’s hot task was to write a persuasive letter to their parents to try and persuade them to buy their dream Christmas present. The children absolutely blew me away with their letters, containing some amazing examples of; emotive language, rhetorical questions, magic 3 and much more… Hopefully they have done enough to persuade you too!

Chocolatey equivalent fractions

To begin the tricky topic of equivalent fractions, the Year 3s took to breaking up chocolate bars to try and spot pairs of equivalent fractions. It was all going so well until we left the chocolate in the classroom overnight and Buddy the elf decided to help himself! We discovered him the next morning hiding in the book corner and had to confiscate the chocolate…

Toy designers

With Christmas up and coming and our new English topic being persuasive writing, the children became toy designers and were set the task to write a persuasive advert. Therefore we headed down to Willow class to do some market research and see what toys children love to play with, before designing our own toys. Willow class loved us coming down to play with them and ask lots of questions about their favourite toys. As a result, the children designed some amazingly creative toys!

Anglo-Saxon Diaries

We wrote diaries from the perspective of Hrothgar from Michael Morpurgo’s book ‘Beowulf’. Then we tea stained them to make them look really old!

Pyjama day

Looking very cosy in our pyjamas for Children In Need.

Homework projects – An Earthquake Investigation

The children all produced some really interesting homework on their chosen earthquake. They presented back to the class what they had found out and we have now covered out working wall in their amazing projects.

Superhero day!

We dressed as superheroes in aid of raising money for children with Type 1 diabetes.

Poppy making

We made clay poppies for armistice day, which went on show at an exhibition in the village hall.

Class worship – A recipe for a friend

In class worship today, we considered what makes a good friend and wrote a recipe for one. Our recipe included ‘2 big ears for listening’ and ‘a dash of love’.

Do we still need newspapers in 2018?

In Oak, we had a debate over the place of newspapers in our modern world. It was surprising how many children still wanted to keep newspapers! They considered how older generations might not have the access to computers and tablets to read online news. Also, how people who printed and delivered newspapers would lose their jobs, therefore have no income.


This week we have had 2 RE afternoons, where we looked into the Big Frieze and discussed some of the messages within it. As a class we then recreated two of the panels, to put together with the other classes and make a whole school display.

World restart a heart day

Creative curriculum presentations

In groups, the children were given a volcano to research and create a case study about. After researching they had to use Powerpoint to create presentations and then write scripts to help them when presenting.

Oak’s Indonesian Earthquake Fund

Thank you to all that kindly donated towards our class fund to go to Save the Children, for the victims of the Indonesian earthquake and tsunami. We raised £78.50!

Class worship – Creation praise

Our worship theme this half term is ‘thankfulness’ and this week we have been thinking about being thankful for the creation of the world around us, with a particular focus on Autumn. For our class worship, we went on a nature walk around the school grounds to see what signs of autumn we could spot, as well as thinking about what we could see, hear, feel and smell. After, we wrote some beautiful autumn poems to show our thanks for the world around us.

I Love Autumn

I can smell fresh air and lovely dew,

I can feel smooth conkers fresh from their shell,

I can see beautiful animals all around, in the time for all to come out,

I can hear the wind passing my ears and the lovely breeze on my face.

by Isabella



The Way Back Home

This week in guided reading we have been looking at using our inference skills to make predictions about characters and the plot. We also used pastels to create some beautiful illustrations that we would put in the book.

We have had a very successful week in Oak this week, being the best class for attendance with 100% and being awarded the first ever golden broom for having the tidiest classroom. Let’s hope we can keep it up next week!

Layers of the Earth

We used playdough to create models of what the layers of the Earth look like for our Creative Curriculum topic ‘Volcanoes and Earthquakes’.

Oak’s Invention Convention

In English this week, we have been designing robots to help us with jobs that we don’t like doing. We will be using our inventions to create an explanation text.

Our first week back

On our first week back we got stuck in to some maths challenges, did team building in PE and had a competition to see who could make the tallest spaghetti and marshmallow towers.