Monday 20th Jan – No Heating!

School Closed

Please take time to explore your frosty garden and either take a photo or draw a picture to discuss back in class.

Also… please remember your home learning challenge sheet, reading and tricky words

Have a WARM and Cosy day!

From Mrs D

Welcome back…January 2020

I would like to say a very Happy New Year to you all. I hope you and your families had a restful break.

This term we will be very busy… we start back by continuing our winter theme for a couple of weeks where we will be on an adventure learning about penguins and one in particular penguin who gets lost!

We will then move into our topic about Chinese New Year, where we will be finding out all about the celebration, we will take part in Chinese food tasting, making lots of decorations, writing letters, learning dances and taking part in our own lantern parade!

Here is this Spring 1 topic leaflet

Topic Overview Spring 1 Chinese New Year

Christmas 2019

Well, it was a very busy time indeed – Take a look at a few of the things we got up to…

We made Christmas cards for our families…

We were the cutest sheep in our Christmas Production of ‘Lights, Camels, Action’

We learned about what it was like to have a traditional Christmas in Czech – Thank you Indias mummy…

Beni’s mummy came in to talk to us about a traditional Christmas in Hungary…

A Trip to Harmony Woods to feed the birds in winter… 9th December 2019

Last week we made bird feeders and filled them with yummy bird food that we made together in class. Then we went on the min bus up to Harmony Woods. We were all very excited to see Becky. Becky took us up to the cabin and we went out on a bird hunt…we found fluffy birds such as a robin, a blackbird, a sparrow, a great tit, a finch, a song thrush and a blue tit – we listened to their bird song – it was beautiful!

We hung our feeders in the trees and then played a game of wiggly worms – we loved this, we had to hide wool worms in the long grass and then pretend to be birds and find the other teams worms!

We ate lunch back in the cabin and then got the bus back to school….It was a lovely sunny day but BRRRRRR it was cold!

Victorian Christmas! 4.12.19



It’s Getting Christmassy!

We have been beginning to get festive by making crafts to sell at our Christmas Fair and decorating our class tree!

Week Commencing 25.11.19

This week we have been doing lots of letter writing practice we are getting very good at doing our ‘sweeps & flicks’!!

We also made our advent calendar Look ….






Week Commencing 11.11.19

This week we commemorated Remembrance Day. We joined the whole school in a special worship and joined the 3 minute silence. We also made our own poppy art, learned about why we remember people on this day and also we helped Mrs Venn to make a school canvas. (This now takes pride of place in our school office).

We also learned about the Hindu festival of light, called Diwali. We learned a lot about the traditions and how they celebrate their new year. We worked in pairs to make our own Rangoli patterns using coloured rice as well as making a whole class pattern too. We made our own little tealight holders which we painted and decorated with gems – they looked beautiful!





Week Commencing 4.11.19

A theme of celebration seems to be running through our Winter Wonderland topic… Next week we will be learning all about a celebration called Diwali – The festival of Light…

This week we have been celebrating Bonfire Night – We have been learning the story of Guy Fawkes, how to keep safe whilst handling & watching firework displays and we have been busy making rocket fireworks and firework pictures! Take a look at our Whizz, Pop, Bang display!

We really enjoyed our gymnastics lesson with Mrs Kerrison!

We also had some very important visitors to school this week…

HC3s Our caters came into talk to use about eating a variety of fruit and vegetables  – cooked and raw. We got to play a game of ‘Guess the veg’ and then we got to taste lots of yummy Veg and best of all the brownie, which was made with beetroot!

And Mr Kerrison came in to speak to us about a job he does as a volunteer – It is a very special job….He takes medical equipment, blood and other special things around a big area delivering to hospitals to help poorly people. He does this on a very special motorbike called a Blood Bike. He has blue flashing lights and very loud sirens…



Winter Wonderland…

Autumn 2
Week Commencing 23/9/19 
Well we are all settling in well and taking school life in our stride. Take a look at what we have been up to     this week…
Miss Nicoll has created a fantastic display using our ‘All about me cards’ which we shared with each other in class. She also put up our little ‘Mini ME’s’ we created – We thik they are a great likeness – pop in and have a look at the end of a school day.
We have also been talking in class about how we can help to make our classroom a safe and happy space for us to thrive in. We all wrote our names on the charter to say we made up the rules and will always try our best to follow them. The charter is on display on our classroom wall…
We have been prsctising our fine motor skills by cutting, hammering and stenciling…
In maths we have been focussing on pattern and matching numerals to amounts using objects
Whilst dancing at the ‘ball’ some of us began a discussion abut our height and that if we were taller it meant we were older than others. We started to measure using our hands. Mrs D took us over to the birthday board and we soon discovered that just because we may be taller than someone else it doesn’t  mean we are older than them and also if we are shorter than other people it doesn’t mean they are younger…It was quite a revelation!
We have been busy building and making in the art area… Martha made a chocolate cake (yummy!) and Finley made a box to keep his special things in!
WE also visited the school library. Mrs D read some stories to us and then we looked at all the books and were able to choose a book to take home for the week!
Week Commencing 16/9/19
This was our first week where we stayed all day long….. we had a great week but we were all a little tired by the end of it!
We did PE with Coach Tom… we were learning how to safely catch, move with a ball in different ways – It was great fun!
We played lots of games during our phonics time and we went out on a listening walk… we could hear birds, traffic, children and bugs in the grass!
During our Discovery Time we continued to make new friends and had a BALL (Literally!)
We have been learning a lot about number and what a number means. We have been ordering numbers and we learnt to play a game called Cops and Robbers!
We can copy and create patterns…
Week Commencing 9/9/19
Oh What a Week!
This week we welcomed the Willow Class of 2019-2020 to Vernham Dean School. The children all arrived at school looking extremely smart in their new uniforms, full of enthusiasm and smiles!
We began by learning our school routines and took a tour of the school meeting lots of new people!
The children learned how to do Activate and Cosmic Yoga – this was good fun! We enjoyed having ‘Snack & Chat’ together (I was very impressed with the children’s manners). The children enjoyed exploring their new classroom, making new friends.
On Tuesday we changed for PE and played some games which focussed on the children becoming aware of spatial awareness, listening  and memory skills – They were amazing!
We enjoyed playtime outside this morning with the rest of the school – everyone looked after us and it was great fun seeing people we knew and of course our brothers and sisters!
On Wednesday the children stayed for lunch and some even had seconds…Yummy!!
On Thursday we learned how to play maths games on the big board – We used our careful counting, took turns and helped out our friends… We’re so clever!
Miss Nicoll and I you have all had a GREAT summer and are ready to begin a very special year with us in Willow Class!
We now look forward to seeing you all during our home visits this week and welcoming you to Vernham Dean next week as we begin our first week in school!
Please fins below our overview for the first half term – please feel free to ask any questions if you are unsure of anything or would like any further information.
Best wishes
Mrs Dunesby
Curriculum Overview for Willow Class 2019-20
Week 1/7/19
This week we have been very busy getting prepared for our stall at our Summer Fayre, Rehearsing for our summer production of Robin Hood and making some surprises!
On Thursday we were joined by Ferns for our Teddy Bears Picnic – We had GREAT FUN!!
We were very excited that our caterpillars made their chrysalis’  and then emerged as beautiful butterflies and then we joined the whole school to release  all of our butterflies…
We have also been creating our very own Hungry Caterpillar Art using different parts of our hands…
Clay Bugs….We are busy making our very own clay bugs, practising for our Summer Show and Fayre – Watch this space…
Our final activity was Pond dipping – This was great fun and we found lots of minibeasts in the water, We used sheets to identify what we had found and when we were finished we carefully returned them all back to their habitat,
It was time to go home we were very tired but had an AMAZING DAY!!!!!
After lunch we went off for our last two workshops….
Sticky, Smelly Caterpillars was the first – we had a sticky caterpillar and we explored all the herbs in the sensory garden by smelling them and then we picked the leaves and stuck them onto our caterpillars… when we got back to school Mrs D laminated them for us and made us all a bookmark!
We also visited the garden allotments where we delivered our compost to the wormery and tarried some beans and peas – Yummy!
We were very hungry, so we made our way back to the building by going over the crocodile trail and the rickety bridge…we even saw plants that lived the same time as the dinosaurs!!
We started our picnic and then Maple Class joined us!
Our 2nd workshop was to build a habitat for our ‘furry’ friend. We worked in pairs and had to find natural materials to build a shelter for the animal and protect it from predators…
Week 24.6.19
Trip to Hillier’s…
On Tuesday we visited Hillier’s Arboretum. We went on a coach from school to the gardens.
After we arrived and had a snack we then went and started our workshops for the day!
Our first workshop was…A minibeast hunt – We found some amazing little creatures…
Week 17.6.19
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cosmic Yoga… We all enjoyed taking part in a yoga session today based on the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar!
We welcomed FERNS again to school today – We showed them where the toys were and played nicely with them …
Week 10.6.19 
This week we have been very busy making gifts for our daddy’s  – we hope they loved them!
Slug & Snail Slime…
We used ingredients to make slime… we poured, mixed and measured and as we did this we saw the mixture change from a liquid to a solid. The best bit was using our sense of touch to squeeze the slime between our fingers!
We got very messy… but we loved talking about the texture and how the slime changed form!
Making Waves and Making Rafts…
We loved planning how to make a raft and choosing and selecting what we needed to make our models…After we had constructed them we tested them out to see if they floated or if they sank!

Welcome Back ~ Summer 2!

Week commencing 3.6.19
We were very excited to launch our new topic ‘The Ugly Bug Ball’. We will be learning about mini-beasts, the environments, their habitats and life cycles. We will be making bug homes, going on bug hunts, making rafts for the bugs to float on water, We will look at symmetry/pattern and sharing. In English we will be writing about bugs and will write the story of the ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’. This is just a snippet of what we will be doing and we look forward to sharing it with you at our outcomes!
This week: We have enjoyed spending lots of time outside exploring the new small world area, the construction site and of course the ‘Willow Car Wash’ – What fun!!
We have loved playing in our new role play – dressing up as bugs, dancing, performing to music and instruments, having a bug picnic and lots more!
In maths we were sharing the bug food…
We are beginning to plan our clay bugs but before we use the clay we explored the different types of bugs and used play dough and manipulated it to make the  desired shapes. We made decisions such as ‘shall we make wings out of clay or material, what colours shall I paint my bug and what shall I use to make the texture and pattern on my bug?
SUMMER 2 – Overview!
We have been very busy over the last week… we have trimmed back the branches, weeded, jet washed, moved equipment, created a new small world area, a carwash for the children to ride their bikes through  and still under construction is a ‘builders site’ for the children to become builders in. We hope to get our playhouse up very soon!
Take a look…
A Visit to Little Fingers….We had made a non-fiction book about People Who Help Us and we presented it to the children and staff at the pre-school. We stayed for a play and snack – It was great fun – thank you for having us Little Fingers!
Fun in the Sun….
Using our gross and fine motor skills to help us to write!
Heavy,  Light or Balanced?
We have been learning about weight in maths. The children collected two items from around the classroom and they were the human scales to weigh the two objects they had chosen and said which one was heavy, light or even if they balanced!
Healthy Week…
We shared the afternoon with our family members. HC3S joined us to talk to us about eating healthily – we made a fruit kebab and a healthy wrap! We then were shown how to ensure we have washed all the germs off of our hands. We put our washed hands under a special light and it showed us any germs that were still on our hands after washing – We were very surprised!!
A visit to post something special…
After our visit from Lesley at the post office we walked to the village hall to get some stamps from Lesley to post our very special postcards home…
As you may be aware we are working hard to improve and enhance our outdoor learning provision for the children – We have just taken ownership of our new ‘Play house’ and hope to have this erected very soon! The children have been enjoying exploring their new climb and crawl equipment – this has already been a post van, a fire engine and lots more!
This is a whole TEAM effort and we thank Mr Cox for all his hard work and I would like to say a personal thanks to Miss Nicolls and the children of Willow, Oak and Beech for all their hard work emptying the old mud beds in our area which have now been removed! WATCH this space for regular updates on what is happening in our outdoor area…

Week commencing: 13.5.19

This week saw a visit from Lesley, our local Postmistress. She told us all about her job and the job of a postman/lady. She also told us about the journey of a letter. Lesley invited us to visit her at the village hall next week where we will be posting some very special messages!
We set up our own post office role play and have had great fun in there – sorting letters and parcels, weighing, stamping and delivering!
In maths this week we have been looking at weight – using language of heavy, light, more, less, balanced etc. We have also been challenged to make out own scales!
We have also been human scales and finding different objects around the classroom and weighing
We have all been working extremely hard on reading this half term and the children are all doing an amazing job – so thank you for all your continued support at home – It really does make  a HUGE difference!
The children have been writing postcards in class this week and we have also begun a weekly session of ‘Book talk’ where we discuss a book and we use the time to ask and answer lots of comprehension questions. We have also been using a computer program to paint/draw a picture of a postlady/man and we’ve printed them out for a special delivery!
A special visit to Little Fingers with our year 6 buddies to visit their lambs …
When the Fire service had left we continued our learning by building fire engines and putting out fires. We played inside and worked as hairdressers too!


Today we were visited by some of the crew from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. They talked to us about how to stay safe at home and what to do if there was a fire.
They told us what they do in an emergency. They showed us their special protective clothes and the equipment they use.  We then went outside and had a go at putting out a fire with the hose (Don’t panic – we only role play in year R the fire was cones that we had to squirt and move!). We then got to have a sit in the fire engine and we were shown all the different equipment on board the engine. When the engine had to leave they out on their blue lights and sounded the sirens  – we waved them goodbye!
Still no news about Grace UNTIL…
We had been tracking our clues and news on Grace’s whereabouts when Mrs Hawkins came in to see us. WOW, what a surprise she had for us – It was Grace,, she was back safe and well. She had got lost after being discharged from the hospital and made her way to the police station and they kindly gave her a lift back to school – PHEW!
A visit from Nurse Neale…
We welcomed a visit from Nurse Neale, she is a matron at Andover Hospital. We asked her if she’d seen Grace as we were worried about her. To our surprise she told us that a bunny matching Grace’s description had been admitted to the hospital with a poorly leg. The staff had made her better and then discharged her and she hopped off! We were pleased that Grace was ok but we still didn’t know where she was now!
Nurse Neale told us all about how important it was for the staff to keep themselves and everything they use clean. First Nurse Neale showed us all how to wash our hands properly and then we all put on aprons, masks and gloves. She then taught us how to dress and bandage a wound … we had a go on each other – This was GREAT fun!
We then tool each others temperatures but we made sure we were very careful and Nurse Neale changed the cap each time we used the thermometer… Luckily we were all well!
Week Commencing: 29/4/19
EMERGENCY…….Grace, our Prayer Bunny has gone missing from our classroom!!!!!
Willow class arrived at school to find that Grace (who had been staying in our classroom had gone missing… The children found prints leading out of the classroom and through the gate. We went searching the school grounds for Grace but no luck. The children then discussed ideas about where Grace had gone and what could have happened. They decided to make missing posters and spread the news around school – they asked everyone they saw to keep an eye out for her. They led carrots out for Grace and cosy beds to entice her back home.
Summer 1       People Who Help Us….Who you gonna call?
Week Commencing: 23/4/19
After a lovely Easter Break we returned to school ready and enthused about our new topic.
We were extremely lucky to be able to kick it off with a visit from the Air Ambulance.
We learnt a lot about what the crew do and how they respond to an emergency once a call has been made. Willow class got to take place in some role play with Maple class and it was great fun!
We have also enjoyed acting out in our role play which this half term is a vets and hospital. We’ve loved being able to be outside more and we created our own air ambulances…
for Summer1
WC – 1.4.19
Spring Has Sprung….Easter, Easter Everywhere! 
We had fun collecting our ‘Spring’ branches to decorate as our Easter tree and we then went on an Easter Egg hunt… we had to find eggs with instructions on follow the instructions and then we got an egg or a fluffy animal!
We had a great day taking part in lots of Easter activities and we also entered the Easter Bonnet competition.
The rain on Thursday afternoon did not put us off and with our willies on we walked to the village hall for our Easter Service. We sang and danced to ‘Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick, Chicken’ and  ‘Hot Cross Buns’
WC – 25.3.19
I would just like to start by saying a HUGE well done to the children who performed superbly for their grown ups on Wednesday …What a treat!
Thank you for coming and supporting us; it really is lovely for the children to share what they have been learning with you. Just look at the things we did on our outcomes…
We have also been busy making, joining, sticking, writing, tying and creating something very special… shhhh!
We have been learning to double numbers using objects to help us!
We have also been learning to double numbers using objects and doubling the ladybird spots!
We made up dances to songs, ordered numbers to 20, made nests for our chicks and sequenced how we grow!
What a Week in Willow Class… wc 18.3.19
This week was extremely busy…
We  read the story of the Three Little Pigs and we built houses for them outside… we used different materials and built for a purpose!
We build houses for the pigs… we could use bricks, straw, sticks and any other materials from the classroom, It wasn’t easy and there was a lot of problem solving involved and concentration, not to mention the resilience when things didn’t always go to plan!!
We wrote cards and used our phonics to write messages inside…
Our Wild Walk this week was a trip to visit two pigs and two donkeys, We learned a lot about the animals and we threw bananas in the pig pen for them to eat and we fed carrots to the donkeys… they loved them! On the way back to school we stopped to visit some chickens – we fed them some corn and when we looked in their nesting box we each found one egg!
We had fun watching our chicks grow … we continued to look after them and care for them! This week we sadly said farewell to our chicks and hope they enjoy their new homes!
On Tuesday afternoon we all put on our builders hats and helped Mr Cox to take down our play house … we huffed and we puffed but we needed a hammer and screwdriver to help us get this house down!! We used our spacious decking area as a stage and made instruments and played with our school instruments – we were a band and we ROCKED!
 Sunday 17th March-Evening
We have discovered that it is Bumble who is leading the others to stand in their food bowl and  flap their wings  to try and escape. We keep counting them and we still have 8!  They are happily chirping at the moment. This is the last evening at Mrs Hawkings house and so soon after a few more cuddles we will clean the chicks out and settle them down for bed. Although they have had a lovely time I think they have missed you Willow and can’t wait to see you all tomorrow!
Sunday 17th March
So the cheeky chicks have managed to somehow get their drinking water EVERYWHERE in their box. A good clean out and they are now all snuggled together having a mid-morning rest!
Saturday 16th March- Evening
The chicks have had lots of attention today. Sleepy is mostly sleeping and we think they have grown overnight! The feathers on their wings are continuing to develop and we can see that they are becoming more confident and one of the boys (we think Chirpy) tried to escape via the top of the water bottle. The seem to be doing a lot of digging and playing. Nearly time to settle for bed time.
 Saturday 16th March
The chicks were well behaved and slept well (Mrs Hawkings did check on them twice in the night!) they were up early, Mrs Hawkings and her children had lots of cuddles before cleaning them out. We think they are getting used to their names now- Cookie and Lavender are very well-behaved when they are being held as well as Stripey and Goldie. Some of them are just having a quick wash cleaning themselves.
Photos to follow!
 Friday 15th March
The chicks had a bit of a bumpy car journey to Mrs Hawkings house but all arrived safe and well. Mrs Hawkings and her children made sure they had fresh food, water and bedding to settle for the night. Mrs Hawkings children had a little cuddle before we put them to bed for the night.
Chick names-Click on link
Week commencing 11/03/19
The eggs arrived early and the lady set up all the equipment ready for the end of incubations….How EGGciting!
An enormous beanstalk had grown in our classroom over the weekend….we spoke about size and height and we read the story Jaspers’ Beanstalk…We then spoke about the days of the week and we ordered ourselves by height!
In the afternoon we went out on a Wild Walk; this week the weather was a little less blustery and we spotted more signs of spring!
We put beanstalks in order from smallest to tallest and spoke about other ways in which to order them, We used objects to measure the beanstalks too!
We ran out of soil and pots to plant our beans so we had to use plastic bags, cotton wool and water…. we will see what happens! We are still waiting for signs of hatching…We think there are signs of pipping on the shells!
How EGGmazing…We have three baby chicks and they are so cute….and as the morning went on 2 more arrived!
Today was our outdoor day; where we swept, picked up, cleaned, cleared, planned and plotted our outside area….What a great job – we all deserved a hot chocolate with marshmallow after our hard work!
Today we arrived to EGGcellent news – 3 more chicks arrived overnight – 8 in total! We set up the chicks new home and were learning how to care for them. We then stoked the chicks before they went in to their new home!
We colour coded the chicks and we watched their behaviours and wrote down their characteristics!
Today we held the chicks for a little cuddle …EGGmazing! We names the chicks and got them ready for their road trip to Mrs Hawkins house.
It was Red Nose Day…see how fantastic we looked in our bright colours (photos below!)
Willow class dressed for Red Nose Day in ‘All the Colours of the Rainbow’
8 chicks have now hatched and the children have enjoyed taking care and looking after them.

Week Commencing 4.3.19
On Monday we continued to learn the story of the Enormous Turnip! We ventured out into the wind and looked for signs of spring!
On Tuesday we un-muddled instructions about how to make a pancake, we then  learned how to make a virtual pancake. After that we the real pancakes arrived…we chose two out of three toppings to have on our pancake and we cut them in half and put one topping on one side and the other on the other half and chose our favourite – YUMMY!
On Wednesday we planted sunflower seeds…we are going to care for them and watch them grow and grow and grow!
Thursday was World Book Day – we all dressed up in our favourite traditional tale character. During the day the adults in school came to read us stories – It was great fun! We also had a visit from a very special tortoise called Pixie and we watched the fable The Hare and The Tortoise!
Friday we spent time with our buddies and did PE with them – WOW, what a week!
Week commencing 25/02/19
“We launched our topic by discovering some tiny seeds… We named our role play ‘The Garden Shed’ and made containers to keep our seeds in.
We investigated vegetables and wrote down which vegetables our seeds would grow into. We planted outside and wrote labels.
We did some observational drawing of our turnip that had began to grow. We wrote invitations to see our puppet show.
We enjoyed the sunshine and made jam sandwiches – yummy! We followed instructions using positional language and spoke about 3D shapes.
Our turnip grew bigger and bigger ~ we PULLED and PULLED until …POP!



Here is the topic overview for Spring 2 2019

Topic Overview Willow Spring 2019


Friday 8th February-  To find out what we got up to this afternoon look at Beech’s Class page. We worked with our Year 6 “Buddies” on a special project!

Monday 4th February 2019- Thank you to Mrs Ward who made us a delicious Chinese feast this morning. We tried some new things such as chicken and sweetcorn soup, lychees, rice as well as prawn crackers with sweet and sour sauce. We had fortune cookies and enjoyed trying to use chopsticks to pick up the prawn crackers and rice. We are very excited to be taking home lucky red packets with white rabbits in.


Friday 1st February 2019- Hello Willow Class! Enjoy your day in the snow! Miss Nicoll and I would have loved to have seen your faces when you saw the snow this morning.

Please can you have a lovely time in the snow and ask a grown up to take a photograph of you to put on Tapestry. When we see you on Monday we will talk all about your snow adventures so think of lots of words you can to describe it.

There are new Phase 3 tricky words to learn in your book bags, as well as your letter cards. Which new words (of 2 or 3 phonemes  VC/CVC ) can you make and read using the letter cards  satipn and mdgock? I can think of mat, dip. See if you can write them down and write them in a sentence.

Remember to have a fun time, but stay safe. From  Mrs Hawkings and Miss Nicoll.

     Willow Class is where our children begin their important journey through Vernham Dean Gillum’s Primary School.

Welcome to Willow Class- Gung Hey Fat Choi!

Our theme this half term is Chinese New Year. We received a parcel that Postman Pat had delivered l called Mi Lin. She said we could look after it and explore all the Chinese things inside. When we have finished we will return it to her in China.

There were lots of things inside, like Chinese clothes, lanterns, a bamboo parasol and lucky red envelopes. We have learned that 2019 is Year of the pig and that we were born in either the year of the horse or the year of the snake. We have been reading lots of stories about Chinese New Year and learning about where China is compared to Vernham Dean and how we’d get there.

We planned have planned our roleplay as a Chinese Restaurant and with Miss Nicoll’s help put all the things we needed in it.

On Monday we took an aeroplane to Beijing in China with Captain Harris flying the Air Asia plane and Mrs Harris as cabin crew.

We have explored raw noodles and rice and compared it to cooked noodles and rice and have just begun to learn a Chinese New Year dance, which we are looking forward to performing to you.

Happy New Year Willow Class children and parents! I wonder what 2019 will bring?………….


When you return to school you will have Mrs Hawkings, Miss Neale, Miss Nicoll and of course we welcome our new teacher Mrs Dunesby who will be teaching you on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

It will be very exciting and we have a brand new theme this half term which is Chinese New Year!

Copy of Year R Chinese New Year Overview Spring 1 2019

Please have a look at the overview to see what Willow class will be learning this half term.

Please remember to bring your bookbags/zippies everyday and a water bottle. Please also remember to bring coats and hats/gloves/scarfs in case of cold weather!

PE is on Tuesday and we will also be having a session on a Thursday so please make sure PE bags are in school on these days.

If the children are able to bring in one of the toys they received for Christmas on the first day back that would be great as they will be a stimulus for writing/art work and talk! Please don’t send in their most precious or expensive toy and please can it be in a named plastic bag- thank you!

Welcome to Willow’s Class Page


Gosh what a busy term we have had!

It seems only yesterday the new Willows were starting school but that was an action packed 16 weeks ago. Here is a quick review of what we have been up to the past term;


In September we started our journey here at Vernham Dean Gillums. Once we settled in, it was time for our topic of Harvest. We read the traditional tale of The Little Red Hen and learnt all about the process of making bread. In class we had a go at grinding wheat to make our own flour, which was a lot harder than we expected!

Then we made our own bread, this was tricky as we had to use our strong arm muscles to kneed the bread dough for ten minutes, by the end we needed a rest so we tasted lots of different kinds of bread and voted on which was our favourite.

During September we also took part in our first church service for Harvest where we were brave and stood at the front to sing out apple song to our families and friends.


October was here before we knew it and this month we supported lots of charities taking part in special activities to raise awareness for different things.

To begin with it was National Restart a Heart Day, for this we talked about our hearts, what they do and how to keep them healthy. We also learnt that sometimes a person’s heart can become very poorly and stop beating which means we need to act fast to restart it. We had a special workshop where we learnt what to do in an emergency and how to restart a heart, we each had a go at CPR on the dummy to the rhythm of ‘Baby Shark’.

To finish off the month we supported the NSPCC by holding a dance-a-thon. We all joined our coloured houses and took part, while in class we discussed what the NSPCC was and why some children might need help and support in their lives.



November began with lots of focus on fireworks and bonfire night. We all felt very arty and in our Discovery Time we all chose to make our own firework pictures using chalks, pastels and black paper. It was great exploring the different affect we could have on the paper by smudging the pastels or adding a tiny bit of water.

2018 marked 100 years since the end of WW1 so we spent lots of time discussing war, soldiers, fighting, peace, love and caring for each other. It was a tricky concept to grasp for us but we learnt a lot by watching a video called ‘Poppy Day’ made by Cbeebies about a rabbit. Miss Neale brought in some medals and photos of her Great Grandfather who fought in the wars for us to look at, this was very interesting and we thought of lots of great questions to ask about him and the war. The medals were wonderful and our favourite was one from Afghanistan because it had an elephant on it!

We also made our own poppy using clay to contribute to a display at the village hall for Remembrance Sunday.



Well this turning out to be the most exciting and busy month we have had so far!

Elf Noggin, elf Bobbin and Buddy the Chief helper bear arrived in class on the 1st of December with a book about the story of Christmas for us. The elves have been cheeky making a mess in our class during the night so we have had to write to Father Christmas lots to tell him what they have been up to whilst also making sure we have written our Christmas lists and leaving them by the magical door.

We have been writing non-stop this month being so careful to use our sounds and beautiful letter formation. The Willow children are now known as the Writing Willows!

A new challenge we have faced this month is the Christmas show, it’s been very daunting for us all to stand up on stage and sing but we have loved every minute of it. We’ve been working so hard to learn all our songs whilst remembering to move into the correct position at the right moment, next stop the west end!



Welcome to the Willow Class of 2018 page.

We are now a few days into our first week full time and the children have settled in wonderfully.

We have been learning all the new routines of the school day, including snack time and discovery time.

During circle time we made a class charter together, we discussed important factors for every one in the class to think about from being a good friend to being polite.

We went on our first Wild Walk around the local area and met some sheep before having our snack and a play in the field!