Willow Class is where our children begin their important journey through Vernham Dean Gillum’s Primary School.

Welcome to Willow’s Class Page


Welcome to the Willow Class of 2018 page.

We are now a few days into our first week full time and the children have settled in wonderfully.

We have been learning all the new routines of the school day, including snack time and discovery time.

During circle time we made a class charter together, we discussed important factors for every one in the class to think about from being a good friend to being polite.

We went on our first Wild Walk around the local area and met some sheep before having our snack and a play in the field!









Evacuees at Vernham Dean!

Willow look amazing in their costumes as evacuees for our whole school production of Treachery at Traitors’ Quay.

Strawberry Time!

Another lovely week in Willow! On Monday we made scones with our friend Mrs Ward. On Tuesday we visited the strawberry farm at St Mary Bourne and had a wonderful time picking delicious strawberries. On Wednesday we invited our families to join us for strawberry afternoon tea at our garden party.

Safety Day

We have been learning about safety in Willow today as part of our whole school Safety Day. We have learned about keeping safe when using our tablets or ipads, keeping safe in the sun and road safety, especially at night.

Our Superveggie puppets and books inspired by Supertato!

Science Day

Today our whole school enjoyed a Science Day. Willow have been learning about electricity and how to make circuits. We showed lots of independence and perseverance. As you can see from the photos we loved it! Using the crocodile clips was also very good for developing strength in our fingers!


We have loved reading Supertato by Sue Hendra and our learning has been inspired by this book. Have a look at our art and craft work and how we caught the Evil Pea in a jelly! We then had great fun using our fine motor skills to release peas from a real jelly using chopsticks! 

Summer Term Communication Letter from Mrs Hall

Summer 2018 communication letter

Easter Egg Hunt!

Mrs Hall and Miss Nicoll came in to school early to hide lots of Easter eggs for Willow to find! We had a great time and we also got lots of maths out of it all – counting and sharing.

World Book Day Rearranged!

Lots of lovely costumes and fun on our rearranged World Book Day. The snow didn’t stop us this time!

Willow Home Learning

Please keep reading your school book and your own books at home. Work on your sounds in your yellow book and try writing some of them, or put words in to a sentence. Ask a grown up to help you enjoy phonics games on Phonics Play. Go on a ‘number hunt’ at home – how many numbers can you find around your house? Draw some pictures of them. Today is a very good day to work on your Technology booklet! Enjoy the snow but take care on the ice. A Happy Birthday to Iris!

Pond Excitement!

Willow had a super time spotting lots of frogs in our pond. We then collected a small amount of frogspawn to bring back for our tank in the classroom. We are going to observe it carefully to watch for changes and to wait for tadpoles!

A huge thank you to those of you who responded so well to the Snow Day Home Learning. Here are some of the lovely examples of writing and drawing:

Willow Home Learning Update

Hello Willow! Miss Nicoll and I hope that you are enjoying the snow. Perhaps you could draw us a picture and do some writing about what you have been up to, either indoors or in the snow? Use your sounds, remember finger spaces and show us your lovely handwriting! Please ask a grown up to take some photos of you especially if you make a snowman, go sledging or do a snow angel! Please share on Tapestry if you can! Keep up the hard work on your sounds, numbers and reading. We also wish Cassie a very happy, snowy birthday today.                   Mrs Hall

Willow Home Learning

Keep up the super phonics Willow by practising your lists in your yellow books. Enjoy your reading book and other books you have at home for World Book Day. Check out the Phonics Play website with a grown up (the password is on the label on the front of your yellow book) and play games we have learned such as Tricky Word Trucks and Buried Treasure. Keep counting or measuring – perhaps you might do some cooking with a grown up! Enjoy the snow too and ask someone to take a photo of you having fun!                     Mrs Hall

Willow enjoy the first snowfall in Vernham Dean

Happy New Year! Chinese New Year!

What a wonderful time we are having in Willow class this week learning about Chinese New Year! Thank you to our lovely friend Mrs Ward for supplying beautiful decorations and for cooking our delicious meal.



We are loving our Pirate topic! We especially enjoyed working together to create this lovely display. Look at our wonderful writing!


Spring 2018 communication letter


Happy New Year!

We based our first day of term on a lovely book called ‘Mr Pod and Mr Piccalilli’ by Penny Dolan and Nick Sharratt. In the story Mr Pod and Mr Piccalilli make ‘cheering up cakes’ for each other and so we had a lovely time making ‘cheering up cakes’ to take home. They were delicious!

Oh what a beautiful morning!

We had a wonderful, frosty winter walk today.

Tractor Gallery

Our wonderful countryside children have chosen to make a tractor gallery this week. Each child could give a detailed description about their tractor and Charlie helped us all out with the correct tractor manufacturers! Everyone can write their own name independently now too!

Willow Writers

Willow are loving writing! Mrs Hall and Miss Nicoll can’t stop them!

Setting up our Longitudinal Science Study – Minibeast Hotel!

Willow created these beautiful images of poppies on the computer in response to our learning about Remembrance Sunday.

We loved our Countryside Day at Linkenholt. Here are some photos of us enjoying the different activities.

Bikes and Trikes

It  was a lovely afternoon so we took the bikes and trikes out on to the playground. We are developing good balance and strength!


Our first Autumn wellie walk!

We walked over to the Burydene and the field beyond. We found some beautiful autumn leaves and then we made an eagle’s nest with the long grass!

Some first photos from a very happy start in Willow Class 2017


Willow Class Overview:

Autumn 2017 comm letter

Who ate the chocolate?

We were Science detectives and we solved the mystery of who ate the chocolate! We tested each black pen with drops of water and matched the result to discover who had written the note! It was …


Sandwich Maths

Today we picked one of our lettuces from our garden and had a great time making lettuces sandwiches. We could all solve the problem of how to share the sandwiches in to equal pieces! We divided the sandwiches in to halves and quarters and knew that that these were even numbers. Then we ate the results! Yummy!

Welcome to our Garden Party

The day after our trip to the strawberry farm we made scones, prepared the strawberries, added some clotted cream and hosted a Garden Party for our families! We had written invitations and menus in our lovely handwriting and lots of people came, including Miss Thompson! We all enjoyed ourselves very much.

A Wonderful Time at the Strawberry Farm!

Today was the day for our trip! Off we went for the morning to the PYO at St Mary Bourne. The sun was shining and we had a wonderful time picking lots and lots of delicious strawberries!

Pond Dipping!

We had a wonderful time pond dipping in our school pond this morning! We found loads of interesting wildlife including water louse, pond skaters and bloodworms. We loved it!

Summer Term Communication Letter

Summer 2017 communication letter

Willow’s Vegetables

We were inspired by reading ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ to create our own vegetable garden. We worked hard to design and plant our vegetable patch and we wrote some fantastic versions of the story.

Easter Egg Hunt!

Willow had lots of fun hunting for eggs! Albert and Scarlett found the special golden egg!

Christening the new oven!

Willow made biscuits this week and our lovely friend Mrs Ward came in to help us. We were the first class to cook using the new oven!

Fun in Willow again this week!

Lots of super playing and learning taking place. We explored musical instruments, went pond dipping for tadpoles, made up some fabulous games with props (check out the shower!), wrote and much more…

Understanding the World

Willow have been looking at how environments might vary from one another. Here are their beautiful pictures made using colours that reflect the environment that they were thinking about.

World Book Day

Chinese New Year

We had a wonderful time learning about Chinese New Year. We loved eating Mrs Ward’s delicious Chinese food that she very kindly cooked for us!

Andy Murray on TV!

Willow were inspired by the arrival of a large cardboard box in class. The box became a (very sparkly) TV, with remote control and Harry decided that the tennis was on and Andy Murray was playing.

What’s been happening in Willow this week?

Willow children have been busy and happy in their learning.

Spring Term Home Communication Letter

Spring 2017 Communication Letter

Aliens Love Underpants

Willow loved reading ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ and we were then inspired to make our own alien Bob by doing a beautiful collage. We then wrote some super captions and sentences about underpants and used the paint program on the computer to design underpants!

Happy New Year from Willow Class!

New Year – Learning about the Seasons

Willow have had a busy first week of term. We have been learning about the Seasons and the months of the year, making calendars and enjoying Winter with a Winter walk and more ice exploration. Do you like our ice sculpture?


Happy Christmas from Willow

Wonderful Willow Writers!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

More Ice Exploration!

We have loved playing and exploring outdoors this week as it has been so frosty and icy! We have been scientists exploring what happens to water in different shaped containers and containers made of different materials. We have had a lot of fun!

Visit to Marwell Zoo

We had a wonderful day at Marwell Zoo and we loved seeing all of the amazing animals.

Ice Exploration

The weather forecast was for a frosty night. We put water in the water tray and left it overnight to see what would happen. We were very curious and we enjoyed using our senses to explore the result!

We are getting really good at our writing!

Learning about Divali

We have been learning about the Hindu festival of Divali in Willow this week. We used clay to make divas (lamps) and decorated them beautifully.

Playing and Exploring in the Wet Sand

Busy and Happy in Willow

Elmer Again!

Do you like our Elmers that we have made? We love them! Can you guess what we used to make them?

Planting Bulbs

We had lots of fun planting bulbs! We will now look forward to seeing the daffodils come up in the Spring.


We have been preparing for our Harvest Festival Service at the church. We all helped to make this lovely collage of a Big Red Combine Harvester. We know a song about a combine harvester too!

Elmer Maths

We made Elmer using multilink. We counted how many different colours we used.

Welcome to our Mud Kitchen!

What’s on the menu today?