RE & Worship

For our long term overview for Collective Worship and Christian Values, please see the 2 year cycle below:

Vernham Dean Gillum’s collective worship overview

Spring half term was  about developing our new Christian Values. We started with Courage and now have our courage lion who is awarded to a child each week who has demonstrated courage in school.
Easter Celebrations


In Summer we thought about Compassion; certificates are awarded to a child in each class who has shown compassion to others.

Compassion worship 27419

Christian Values, Map of Worship, Spirituality

A map of worship

Grace our Prayer Bunny

‘Grace’ by Georgina

Grace became part of our School in January 2019. She comes into each Worship and helps us during our Prayers and then visits a class each week to support during Class Worship. Grace is going on a special journey from the 16th to the 26th February 2019 to visit a school in Rwanda with Sue and Jeff from the Diocese. We are sending her with special prayers for the school in Rwanda and   we can’t wait for her to return with Sue and tell us all about her adventures!

Worship Working Party

We have a group of children who have volunteered to be in the Worship Working Party. Their Role will be to plan and deliver Worship linked to our Worship theme. After February half term we will be re-looking at our Christian Values and developing our three Cs- Compassion, Courage and Creativity.

The Worship Working Party will focus on Compassion first and what this value represents to Christians and all of us at Vernham Dean.
The three C’s: Compassion, Courage and Creativity.


The Holy Trinity

We have been thinking about the Holy Trinity. In our class worship baskets and in whole school worship we light three candles to help us to understand what the Holy Trinity represents;

Green= For the Father

Blue= For the Son

Red= For the Holy Spirit.

Wish For The World Worship

NSPCC Assembly

We raised £661.26 for the NSPCC by House sponsored events. Well done to Red House for raising the most and thank you to everyone who supported the children.

We welcomed Mrs Hawkings to our school and church this last Sunday.


Our newly updated boards look great up in the church and are being admired by all.                                             



Our Christian Ethos

Our School’s Christian character permeates all aspects of school life.  To support our spiritual journey we have chosen the 3 Cs- Compassion, Courage and Creativity as our school’s distinctive Christian Values.
Compassion was chosen to reflect the love God has for us and how we should care for one another
Courage was chosen to reflect the courage of Jesus on the cross and how we need to embrace difficulties in our lives and work Creativity was chosen to reflect the fact that Jesus did things his way and didn’t follow others and that if we do this we can succeed.


Our aim is to ensure that all members of the school community feel valued and that respect and trust underpin all we do.  To support this aim, reflective areas can be found across the school, which promote and enhance spiritual ideas, thoughts and questions.

Acts of Worship

Our Collective Worship is held within the school hall, classroom, outside or whilst on a school trip or residential.
Monday: Whole School Worship led by the Headteacher.  This is where we introduce the weekly focus, which is linked to our half termly value
Tuesday: Class Worship or House Worship is led by staff on a theme set in Monday Worship.
Wednesday: Whole School Worship led by staff.
Thursday: Whole School Worship is led by David Sullivan and Rev Trev the Parish Vicar on alternate Thursdays.
Friday: Whole School Celebration worship led by Head teacher.  Parents are invited for those who are presented with an Achiever or Behaviour and Values Certificate; they are invited to join in with our prayers and school song

The School may vary this organisation each year or term. Our key aim is to plan Collective Worship systematically so that there is continuity, variety and clear focus on Christian beliefs and festivals. Worship is led by a variety of people that include school staff, pupils, Governors, representatives from the parish church, and members of the local community.


The inspection process for Diocesan Church Schools is now called ‘Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools’. The inspections follow a timetable independent of Ofsted.  The principal objective of the inspection is to evaluate the distinctiveness and effectiveness of the school as a church school.  There are four core questions that make up the inspection.


  1. How well does the school, through its distinctive Christian character, meet the needs of all learners?
  2. What is the impact of collective worship on the school community?
  3. How effective is the religious education?
  4. How effective are the leadership and management of the school as a church school?


Our Prayers

Across the school week we share prayers at various times.  These will be a combination of prayers that children have written, our school prayer, Candle prayer, The Lord’s Prayer, prayers from visitors and prayer before lunch.

Our Candle Prayer
Our Candle Prayer is said when children light a candle at the beginning of our Collective Worship time.

Heavenly Father
We light this candle to
remind us that you are
the light of the world
We come together now to
pray and to praise and
to remove all darkness
from our hearts and minds

Our School Prayer
Dear Lord Jesus
Help us to love and care for each other as You first loved us
Help is to  have hope in our lives through You
Help us to embrace each new day and the challenges yet to come
In Your name

Our Prayer Board

All of our school community can use our prayer board.  The prayers and then collected and taken to church to either be shared with the congregation or privately said by an individual; we also share some of these prayers with the school community in collective worship.  For individuals who wish their prayers to remain private, the school provide a box; these prayers are not on view and only go to church.

Harvest Festival

This week we had our Harvest Festival at Vernham Dean Church.  Each of the classes contributed to the service with songs, poems and prayers.  The school have spent the last week collecting food for Andover Food Bank and a selection of this was taken to church so the children could celebrate their efforts.

Remembrance Day

We each made a poppy and laid them to create a large poppy to remember all those soldiers who have died or been injured to keep us safe and protected.  Then we held a 2 minute silence before we shared a prayer.

Understanding Christianity

This term we have begun to introduce a new scheme to teach the Christian elements within our RE.  They have created some images to represent key Christian concepts which help shape thinking.  It was fascinating how the children in both Oak and Maple were able to find meaning from the pictures and relate them to their own understanding of God and Jesus.

There is also a large frieze which accompanies this resource, a bit like a ‘Where’s Wally’ picture – which will be on display soon.