Here at Vernham Dean Gillum’s Church of England Primary, we are committed to providing high quality school experiences and recognise that there are many benefits to children participating in residential trips.  These trips help children to build confidence in approaching new activities and living away from home.  Even during a short stay there are many skills to be gained including: improved team work, enhanced relationships and community spirit, all of which are transferable skills into the classroom to assist with learning.

Children at our school participate in two residentials, one in Year 5 and one in Year 6. Activities vary from year to year but always include activities that support our school’s Learning Values of Independence, Collaboration and Perseverance.

Osmington Bay 2018See Beech class page.

Liddington PGL 2017

Day 1

2:30 p.m. arrived safely and unpacking.

Please note that we will endeavour to ensure that there are photos of all the children over the week.

Day 2

The day’s activities will include:
Vertical Challenge
Giant Swing

Lots of fun on the first day

Evening fun singing ham and eggs – Mr Nicoll’s favourite song!

Day 3

The day’s activities will include:
Raft building
Zip wire
Crate Challenge

All wrapped up!

Collaborative work to build a raft to sail the seven seas…or PGL lake.

Keep paddling!

 Day 4

The day’s activities will include:
Sensory Trail

What an afternoon of fun.

so much energy!


Go go Power Ranges…oops…go go Mr Nicoll


Flying High

Such happy children!

So  you think your children are off to bed early?  More like off to the disco!

Day 5

Today the children’s activities will be:
Jacob’s Ladder
Tunnel Trail

The coach will arrive back at school at approximately 3:15 p.m.


1:35 just about to get on the coach.

On the coach

As they say folks, that’s a wrap!











Little Canada 2016

The children set off from school at 9:30 this morning, all in good spirits and discussing tuck they had in their suitcases.  At 11:00 the school had a text to say that they were safely sailing the high seas to the Isle of Wight.

Day 1






It would appear that our children have traveled back in time!

The children arrived at PGL at 4:30

Day 2

Everybody is well and happy (including the Chair of Governors).  7:45 and just off to breakfast.

A couple of pictures from yesterday evening.

Off we go to start the day’s activities.

The terrible twins!!

Zip Wire.  Waiting is the hardest bit.

Mrs Johnson was brave this morning and had a go at abseiling. We are all proud she conquered her fear of heights.

A group pose.

Friends together.

Jacobs Ladder

Message sent from Mrs Johnson at 8 p.m. to say all had a great day.

Day 3

The Headteacher spoke with Mr Nicolls this morning who informs us that all is well and everybody is behaving (except for himself).  Everybody is happy and looking forward to the day ahead.

A few more photos from yesterday.

A real head for heights.

A walk to the beach for beach games was halted by an unusually high tide so other activities carried out instead.

Cat walk.

Group shots – aren’t they cute!


There were even a couple of bulls eyes!

A bit of a challenge.

Day 4

Mrs Johnson and Mr Nicolls phoned this morning to say all was well.  The fresh air has increased appetites and Mr Nicolls was surprised at how hungry the children are when they arrive at meal times.

Lots of fun.

A walk on the beach.

Day 5

The final day and then home to sleep!

Some photos from yesterday.

Learning to fly!

Adults still smiling…just!

Beach fun.

An artist in the making.

Guess which school won the Dragon Boat race?

A few more things to do before they leave.

12:30 and homeward bound.

A good time had by all.