School Council

February News

We are working hard and meet on a regular basis. Recently we have been looking at attendance and have decided to change how it is rewarded. After carrying out a vote with the whole school, we now have 4 attendance jars that are in the Hall. Each week, when the attendance is announced, tokens will be placed in the jar belonging to that class. The tokens will then be counted each half term and the  winning class will decide on a reward.

We are now busy with preparations for Red Nose Day on March 15th and looking forward to helping the rest of the school embrace our new Christian Values of Courage, Compassion and Creativity.

School Council Team

We want all our children to be active, conscious and democratic in our school community so we have a school council that involves every child and adult.  This year children who felt they had the qualities to be an effective school councillor wrote an application. These applications were read by all the class teachers and two children from each class were chosen on the strength of their application.
Currently we have 6 school councillors, Year R will become more involved after Christmas. Our school councillors are:
Chair- Finley

George, Harry,  Gabriel and Tara

The children write the Agenda and lead the meetings. Their current project is working with the NSPCC and House Teams to plan a funding raising event in school for the NSPCC. They are also deciding how to fundraise for Children in Need, devising a pupil safety questionnaire to be discussed in all classes and they also want to invite Mr Cox (caretaker) to their next meeting to discuss areas of the school that need improving and how this can be achieved.

In valuing pupil voice, we offer our children the chance to evaluate our school and curriculum so they can evaluate what we do well and the things they would like to change.

RSPCA Cake Sale

Our Smart School Council voted on choosing a national charity for our Spring 2017 charity.  They voted for the RSPCA and a cake sale.  It was a beautiful day and a nice way to end the term by sitting on the playground eating yummy cup cakes.