Smart School Council

Smart School Council

We want all our children to be active, conscious and democratic in our school community so we have a school council that involves every child (and adult) being part of a Smart School Council.  This means that classes have regular meetings where all children can discuss key points that interest or concern them.  In doing so, our children develop skills, knowledge and understanding of everyone in the school, not just a select few.

In valuing pupil voice, we offer our children the chance to evaluate our curriculum and tell us what we do well and the things they would like to change.

The school have a Junior Senior Team (JST) who meet with the Senior Team once a term to discuss key points and be part of the decision making of the school.

Junior Senior Team (JST)

The JST met with the Senior Team for the first time in December 2016.  One agenda item they wanted raised was the purchase of new play equipment which varied over the week so that there were different things to play with on different days. The Senior Team took this on board and ordered new equipment.

RSPCA Cake Sale

Our Smart School Council voted on choosing a national charity for our Spring 2017 charity.  They voted for the RSPCA and a cake sale.  It was a beautiful day and a nice way to end the term by sitting on the playground eating yummy cup cakes.