For all enquiries, please contact Mrs Cripps or Mrs Baskerville in our office: 01264 737241

Each school has its own admission policy which is set in line with Hampshire County Council’s policy and timetable. Our admissions policy can be found on our policy page.

My child is starts school in September 2019
There are set dates for making an application so that your child can join us in September 2019. The national notification date for on-time applicants is 16 April 2019.

To make a late application, please see the County website:

Arriving from another Hampshire school
If your child is transferring from another Hampshire school, this is called in-year applications. In this instance, you can apply to join our school in two ways.

1.  You can apply online at under the under the ‘apply to change school in-year’ link

2.  You can request a paper copy of the application form from our office, and return to us directly. We will be able to confirm your place almost immediately

I wish my child to join Vernham Dean Primary from outside Hampshire
If this is the case, you will need to contact your current Local Authority Admissions team in the county you live in.  They will help you go through the process and give you advice about transferring.

For more information about our school you can also look at

Service Families
If you have just been posted to this area and would like to talk to other service families about joining our school we can arrange for you to have a chat.  Please contact the admin team on 01264 737241 or email

For all the contacts you need for admissions, please visit Hampshire County Council admissions