Our Staff

Who’s Who

Meet the team!

Senior Team

Mrs Cheryl Hawkings:
Designated Safeguarding Lead/Prevent
Curriculum Manager-Lead of Stem team-Maths
Community Liaison and Development Lead

Social, Emotional, Health and Well Being Lead

Worship Lead



Beech Class

Mrs Holly Bulpitt:  Senior Teacher – SLT with HT
Year 5 & 6 Teacher
English Manager
RE Manager with HT




Mrs Sharon Cripps:  School Business Manager

Contact for parent questions and queries. 01264 737241 or via  email adminoffice@vernhamdeangillums.hants.sch.uk





Teaching Team

 Willow Class

Mrs Ruth Dunesby (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)/Mrs Hawkings-  EYFS Teachers



Maple Class

Miss Claire Neale:  Year 1 & 2 Teacher

Science Manager

Eco/Outdoor Curriculum Lead



Oak Class

Miss Sophie Chilcott: Year 3 & 4 Teacher- NQT







Support Team

Mrs Julie Baskerville:  Administration Assistant
Contact for parent questions and queries 01264 737241 or via email adminoffice@vernhamdeangillums.hants.sch.uk

Lunchtime support







Mr Steve Cox:  Caretaker







Mrs Sam Venn:
 Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Maple Class
Art Manager

PPA cover KS1






Mrs Debbie Chamberlain:
 Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Beech Class
Social, Emotional, Health and well-being team.

PPA cover KS2






Mrs Pat Ryder:  Learning Support Assistant (LSA)

Oak Class

Early morning club

Lunchtime supervisory assistant




Miss Flo Nicoll:  Learning Support Assistant (LSA)

Willlow Class

Lunchtime supervisory assistant





Miss Hill:

Lunchtime Active Play Leader/Librarian




Mrs Sophie Bevan-Thomas 1 : 1 Support

HC3S staff member who serves our lunches- Sophie Parker