Sports Premium

Funding for the PE and sport premium – academic year 2017-2018

We receive PE and Sport Premium for our pupils in Years 1 to 6.  The amount is determined on how many pupils there are in our school from the January census and is variable each year.  As we are a school with 17 or more eligible pupils, this year we will receive £16,000 and an additional payment of £10 per pupil, £16,740. The money is given to us in two allocations from the local authority and must be used to fund improvements to the provision of PE and sport. This year’s allocation:

  • 7/12 of our funding allocation will be paid to the local authority on 31 October 2017 £9765
  • 5/12 of our funding allocation will be paid to the local authority on  30 April 2018 £6975

Intended Outcomes for this academic year

  • We will introduce new sports activities to encourage more pupils to participate in a variety of sport
  • We will provide  our pupils with  active sports club at lunchtime and after school on Tuesday to promote healthy living
  • We will increase  and improve the quality of teaching and learning in physical education through staff development
  • We will increase pupils participation in  sport and ensure they are more active to develop healthy lifestyles
  • We will participate in sports activities with other schools

How we will spend our money

Spending of Sport Premium Funding 2017-2018
Premier Sports – hiring of specialist sports coaches to support our intended outcomes £8,190
Specialised staff continuous professional development £796
Healthy lifestyle targeted lunchtime activities £1,710
Sports with other schools £910
Total £11,606


Please note that we will update this section as we are in the process of organising new sports clubs to encourage more children to take up sport.  We will be using the remainder of our Sport Premium Funding to carry this out.

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