Here at Vernham Dean Gillum’s Church of England Primary School we have strong school systems that ensure that pupils learn in a safe, friendly and happy environment where teachers teach and learners learn.  Our school motto of ‘Being the Best We Can Together’ is embedded in all that we do.

Our school community strives to reach the highest expectations and standards in everything we do, and in doing this, we support children to become confident and independent learners with a thirst to do better.

All adults within our school have a responsibility to model high standards of behaviour both in how they deal with children and with each other.  As a staff we recognise that our behaviour has an important influence on children.

A Code of Conduct and behavioural expectations are displayed in each classroom to encourage children to do their best.   We aim to teach children how working together around the code enables us to be a cohesive community.

Mutual Respect – We will respect our peers, adults and property (both ours and others)
Honesty – We will be truthful at all times and realise that not telling the truth causes situations to  become worse
Safety – We will ensure our own and others safety at all times
Achievement – We will work hard at all times to achieve our best

For our Behavior Policy please go to our Policies Page.

Please contact the office if you would like a copy of our child friendly anti-bullying leaflet.